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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why do the French hate Lance Armstrong because he outclasses them, both as a cyclist and as a person?

Or, when is a "random drug test" something more insidious? The answer is when, out of 189 riders, he is the only one singled out for a second drug test after he'd passed the first one, and had passed 6 other random tests earlier in the season. In French, using a free translation program, the answer is this: Il est PROPRE ! ! Il n'est pas sur exécution-améliorer de substances. In English: He is CLEAN!!! He is NOT on performance-enhancing substances. And in any language, this is an unconscionable level of harassment being conducted by the assholes-in-chief of this race. I would love nothing more than to see every last person responsible for this be brought up on charges and a lawsuit filed against them so painful that it will be felt by their grandchildren's grandchildren. He's been the most heavily-scrutinized cyclist for the last 6 years, and he's tested clean EVERY SINGLE TIME. And yet, these rumors persist that he's on drugs, taking some type of steroid, taking some type of stimulant, taking some type of other performance enhancer, simply because he's better than everyone else on the Tour de France, and has been since Clinton was president.

Perhaps there is a way to end this type of harassment, for Lance and for any future person who approaches his greatness: Boycotting anyone who sponsors the Tour de France itself. The team sponsors are just trying to win, but the sponsors and the suppliers of the race itself would be able and inclined to put some serious pressure on the village idiots who run the show now, if they noticed that they were losing money because of this foolishness. Also, they are tacitly approving of this by virtue of their sponsorship of the race. The full list of all sponsors is here. This would not be unprecedented in the U.S., and as a result, intolerable behavior by the responsible parties has been corrected or ended, or, more rarely, those organizations who engage in the intolerable behavior have ceased to exist. After these years of harassment that Mr. Armstrong has faced with far more grace than I would have shown, I can't say that I care. In the immortal words of the Bard who resided on the River Avon, "Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war."

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Anonymous said...

Great post, you're so perceptive, Lance is clean ;-) C'est la vie!