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Sunday, July 03, 2005

And now for something different: Stupid News

19-year-old courier thwarts bank robber with broomstick: First, the robber used a FAKE pistol to rob a bank. Second, he was subdued by a teenager. Third, he was taken down by a BROOMSTICK. If he'd've had a real pistol instead, he may not have had that problem, but really, all he had to do was RUN. And I'd wager prisons in Cyprus, with that being jointly controlled by Turkey and Greece, are far from a pleasant place to be. He's gonna be someone's bitch.

The... Coffee??? is mightier than the sword: A 50-y.o. shop clerk warded off a knife-wielding robber with a cup of coffee. She just proved that coffee is useful for more than just getting that morning caffeine fix. I wonder what she fixed: A double-mochaespresso with a healthy topping of Whoop-ass?

And some people just THINK they live in the airport: In a case of life, imitating art, imitating life, a Kenyan man renounced his Kenyan citizenship and stayed in Nairobi's international airport to protest the denial of his entry into the United Kingdom. What makes this stupid is that, according to UK officials, he needlessly made his desired entry into the UK more complicated. The rewards of being an ass are readily apparent to anyone.

And finally, I can't make this shit up: An Estonian, once again, won the World Wife-Carrying competition, the same competition that Dennis Rodman pulled out of shortly before the race. Rodman cited fears that it may hurt his back since he has not trained for the event. Given that the minimum weight of the female is 108 lbs. according to the rules, I'd think that would've been nothing for Rodman. After all, that's only 1 percent of the weight of his ego.

And that's all for now.

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