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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton v. Obama and the "Miracle on Ice":

First, I apologize for my silence. You know how it is, though. Sometimes, you just need a break.

What I'm about to say should in no way be considered a jab at the politics of Hilary Clinton. That said, looking at the Obama and Clinton campaigns, I cannot help noticing some parallels with the "Miracle on Ice" back in 1980. On one side, you have a tremendously talented and experienced team who has not lost in years (Clinton), and you have a young upstart (Obama) who dared to get on the ice too and dream that they could win. In the closing minutes of the game, though, the Soviet team was in disarray, really didn't know what to do, tried pulling their goalie to get an extra offensive player on the ice, several line changes, and still, in the end, the U.S., those young upstarts, won the game and took the gold a night or two later over a much weaker opponent. I think we may be seeing a similar phenomenon here. Signs of distress on the Clinton side are as obvious as they are numerous. She's demoted her campaign manager. She came close to having her senior staff go without pay. She's BEGGING for debates with Obama. She's had to loan her campaign $5 million. And Obama's not helping her either, by out-raising her by a nearly 5-2 margin in January and maintaining parity before then. The only news coming out of her campaign falls into one of the following categories: bad news, worse news, catastrophic news, and feeble attempts at spin. I believe we could be watching the Clinton Mystique dissolve before our very eyes. Also, she was absolutely DESTROYED this weekend in Nebraska, Maine, Washington State, Louisiana, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and today's Potomac Primaries look equally grim. In fact, she does not have a single friendly contest until March 4 with Ohio and Texas, and the momentum shift towards Obama could very easily be the deciding factor.

All of this leaves me with one question: Where's the popcorn?