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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clinton v. Obama and the "Miracle on Ice":

First, I apologize for my silence. You know how it is, though. Sometimes, you just need a break.

What I'm about to say should in no way be considered a jab at the politics of Hilary Clinton. That said, looking at the Obama and Clinton campaigns, I cannot help noticing some parallels with the "Miracle on Ice" back in 1980. On one side, you have a tremendously talented and experienced team who has not lost in years (Clinton), and you have a young upstart (Obama) who dared to get on the ice too and dream that they could win. In the closing minutes of the game, though, the Soviet team was in disarray, really didn't know what to do, tried pulling their goalie to get an extra offensive player on the ice, several line changes, and still, in the end, the U.S., those young upstarts, won the game and took the gold a night or two later over a much weaker opponent. I think we may be seeing a similar phenomenon here. Signs of distress on the Clinton side are as obvious as they are numerous. She's demoted her campaign manager. She came close to having her senior staff go without pay. She's BEGGING for debates with Obama. She's had to loan her campaign $5 million. And Obama's not helping her either, by out-raising her by a nearly 5-2 margin in January and maintaining parity before then. The only news coming out of her campaign falls into one of the following categories: bad news, worse news, catastrophic news, and feeble attempts at spin. I believe we could be watching the Clinton Mystique dissolve before our very eyes. Also, she was absolutely DESTROYED this weekend in Nebraska, Maine, Washington State, Louisiana, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and today's Potomac Primaries look equally grim. In fact, she does not have a single friendly contest until March 4 with Ohio and Texas, and the momentum shift towards Obama could very easily be the deciding factor.

All of this leaves me with one question: Where's the popcorn?


Lizzy said...

After Obama's win tonight in Wisconsin, I think we can safely say, game over.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Yeah. Wisconsin was his weakest win in the last 11 contests (I'm including the Democrats Abroad), and that he won by 17 points. His average margin of victory has been 33 points during his 11-0 tear, and he's finally showing the substance his more serious supporters knew was always there. Factor in the sudden disarray the GOP is experiencing with the recent New York Slimes story about McCain, and the Democratic Party could have a free pass until Pennsylvania. Still, he had already achieved parity in Texas BEFORE Wisconsin and Hawai'i, and he's gaining 5+ points a week in Ohio. Hil needs 20+ point wins in BOTH of those states to remain viable, and that's just not supported by polling data and trending.

I'm sorry I haven't been my usual talkative self, but the last week or so has well and truly been hell on earth, with the worst yet to come. My blood pressure is spiking and well... something bad happened that I don't really want to discuss yet. I may have mentioned that I only write serious poetry in times of great pain, and that I stopped to save myself and find some peace. I'm considering picking up my quill again.

Snave said...

GLAD you are back and up and about, thanks for coming to visit. I thought (and hoped) it might be marking the end of what seemed to be a time away for you. Hopefully you are doing well! I spent a couple of months weaning myself off of Zoloft, and have now been off the shit for a month. I am gradually feeling better, but for a while it was really damned depressing. I am noticing things I haven't noticed for the last eight years, like how high the highs are, and how low the lows can be. But I decided it was time to try things straight up with no chaser for a while. I haven't been around to visit everyone's sites as often, but I'm regaining some interest now.

You said it best with your closing question. I think this is political entertainment in nearly its highest form! I heard earlier today that Obama is now in a virtual tie with Clinton in Texas, and I hope he can surpass her there when it comes time for the primary. I won't go so far as to say "it's over" for Clinton, because I have come to believe about her what I believe about Bush/Cheney... that is, if times get desperate, you do just about anything it takes to stay in power or keep the power you think you have. HEh!

I am hoping the Clintons are an idea whose time has come... and gone.

Lizzy said...

I give Hillary's campaign 6 more days, then game over.

Candace said...

MC, I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough patch, but I completely understand. (((HUGS)))

I was completely turned off by Bill Clinton's remarks, and I think lots of other people must have been, too. Her campaign is in big trouble as a consequence and she knows it. The question now is, will she have the class to withdraw gracefully? I think not.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I think Hil will probably be pushed to drop out if she doesn't win big in either Texas or Ohio. At that point, the math just doesn't support her at all, and Chairman Dean will "ask" her to pull the plug. I agree with Lizzy. Come March 5, it's over.

Things are going better, but, well, I'm going to quote some of the lyrics from Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky" to kinda show where I am:

"Did you see the frightened ones
Did you hear the falling bombs
The flames are all long gone
But the pain lingers on."

1138 said...

Don't ever apologize for your silence you need to apologize for everything else.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

When there is ice skating in Hell, I will apologize to you, and not one moment sooner. I owe you not even one goddamned thing.