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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Random thoughts and weird shit

Some of you may have noticed some serious changes to the website in the last few days. These are largely as a result of me seeing cool stuff from other sites and deciding that, as long as it's free, I think it would be cool to have it, and I'm too lazy to learn and write the code myself. Also, I have separated my Cool Links, which had included both blogs and other regular websites, into Cool Blogs and Cool Links, with blogs going into the former and everything else going into the latter. It is in the revamped Cool Links section where something that may not have been as obvious before is quite obvious now: Beneath this exterior of someone who has serious political grievances and views lies something far more commonplace but far from ordinary. In short, I'm a geek. I like Star Trek, though I couldn't get into anything beyond TNG. I LOVED Babylon 5, and found its non-eutopian stance a refreshing and new voice in science fiction television and to this day, find it far superior to any of the incarnations of Star Trek. I even wear glasses and occasionally snort when I laugh, though the glasses have nice frames and I've pretty much eliminated the giggle-snorting. Also, my desk at work has over a dozen different colors of ink pens, some of which I haven't used in years but can't bring myself to toss as there is still good, usable ink in them. But I somehow manage to be lovable and charming in spite (or possibly because) of these traits, since I have one trait that ultimately defines coolness: I genuinely don't give a damn what people think of me, but am not an ass about it. Besides, even Maynard of Tool/A Perfect Circle is a geek, and Vin Diesel played AD&D, so I think I'm in good company. That being said, on with the weird shit.

At least no one got hurt: A deceased 49 year old babysitter was struck by a bullet during her wake.

Note to self: If on the run from the law, AVOID POLICE: An escaped convict in Brussels was captured when he attempted to steal the handbag of an off-duty policewoman.

Oh, Oh, Oh how embarrassing: A British couple, who decided to "couple" on the sea just off the shore of Torbay, England, sparked a rescue drama when a passerby mistook their cries of passion for distress.

What an asshole: A man falsely claims that his niece was abducted when his car was stolen in an attempt to get his car recovered faster. Now, not only has he lost a car, he's lost his freedom.

Breasts like a... carburetor?: This year's Bulwer-Lytton award winner won $250 for his opening sentence to an imaginary novel where he compared the act of caressing a woman's breasts to working on a carburetor.

What an amazingly BIGOTED asshole: Fred Phelps, infamous anti-gay activist known for picketing the funerals of murdered gay people, has now taken his antics to a disgusting new low. He and his mindless followers (I refuse to use the term "brainwashed" since that would imply that they have functioning brains) picketed the funeral of a soldier who lost his life in Iraq.

Grandmother gets Tasered and Probation: A grandmother in Kansas City, MO, was tasered by police when she honked her horn, and was later sentenced to probation in an incident that led to the discipline of the two officers involved and a change in department policy.

"And for my next trick, I'm going to turn a former seat of parliament for a brutal dictatorship into a mountain.": Artists have announced plans to turn the former Parliament building for East Germany into a mountain, covering it with cloth and adding other effects to give it a wintry feel. My question: Why?!

That's all for now.

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