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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Justice Souter gets taste of own medicine

This is a story I first read on PettyRage yesterday, but I decided not to comment on my own blog until I hit other sites to confirm. Plus, I was pretty tired yesterday and not quite in the mood to tackle something like this. But, apparently, as strange as it sounds, it's true. A developer based out of LA is attempting to seize "Justice" Souter's farmhouse in Weare, Connecticut, just a ways down the road from New London. Then again, in Connecticut, every town is just down the road a ways. My first thoughts were, "my hero," and "if he were a female..." Bah, Petty Rage's terrible twosome have already said anything I would have to say, except no wife to worry about pissing off. As nice a guy as I am, I'm just enough of an asshole to do that if I had the money and the inventiveness, I'd do that. If denied a permit, I hope he sues as far as he has to go to get it, and I hope that the city of Weare is forced to pay a pittance as is all too common in other "eminent domain" cases. Term limits were introduced to the Presidency of the United States to provide yet another check on the power of the executive branch. Decisions like this make me seriously wonder if this might not be a good thing to apply to the judiciary. I think Justice O'Connor's very harsh dissent was spot-on, and I fear that this is merely another volley by the left-leaning members of the Supreme Court to erode personal rights. The first major volley this session was, of course, Gonzales v. Raich (medical marijuana). I never thought I'd see the day that my least favorite Justices, Ginsburg and Souter, agree with President Bush, let alone work with him to limit personal liberty. I'm very sorry that day has come, and it is my sincerest hope and equally sincere doubt that the Supreme Court comes to realize their great folly and outright disregard for their duties and reverse their course.

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