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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thomas Sowell and the Downfall of the Civil Rights Movement:

Sometimes, I am capable of adequately expressing my moral outrage at those who claim to be our defenders breaching that trust in a truly outrageous manner. Other times, however, I find someone who says what I want to say far better than I can. This is the case with the esteemed Thomas Sowell. Few have expressed with such eloquence the problems with this nation and those who would lead the masses in terms of the Duke Hoax Case as Mr. Sowell. I encourage all four or five of you who visit this site to read that article, as well as Kathleen Parker's piece, and think. If you're wondering why exactly the Democratic Party isn't gaining much traction in the "red states", if you're wondering why so many people are becoming disgusted with both of the major parties, look no further. Fuck all of this demagoguery. Fuck all of this hate, all of this ideological partisan bickering. Fuck all of this utter and complete stupidity. Why not go with respecting each others' rights as human beings, instead of choosing a side and hating other people accordingly?


1138 said...

I think if each of us ignored the ideological gibberish and take a clear un adulterated look at what these people do, we would see the agenda for what it is- corporatism.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

You have a very valid point. I wonder if corporatism is a natural degeneration of any representative democratic republic, and what, if anything, people can do to halt the spread of the disease in the body politic.