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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Mike Nifong.

But first, I was wrong. Yesterday wasn't the final day of this hearing. Today was, and it was the most powerful and meaningful of them all. Justice has finally begun to be served in the Duke rape hoax. Mike Nifong has been found guilty and disbarred by a panel of his betters. He wanted his son to see this. I hope his son got an eyeful, and I hope the entire legal community remembers this day. I hope those prosecutors who feel as though ethics don't matter remember this day, and think twice. Mike Nifong's troubles are only beginning, and it will only continue to be worse from here. In olden times, a person guilty of a particularly heinous crime would be beheaded, and their heads would be put on a pike as a warning to those who would emulate their actions. I think this week's hearing, and more importantly, the verdict and sentence, were a fairly good modern equivalent, if not worse because Nifong continues to suffer. May Mike Nifong live until the age of 150 years, and may he always remember this day.

I've decided to go with music that expresses the conflict between my joy and sorrow: Joy that justice has been served in a small part, and sorrow that it took this long and that so many people suffered so much leading up to this day and will continue to suffer. You may notice in DJ Tiƫsto Mix of the William Orbits performance of "Adagio for Strings". Of course, "Adagio for Strings" was composed by Samuel Barber and is a piece regarded by many as the saddest piece of music ever written, and they turned it into a haunting dance hit, which I consider symbolic of the fact that even after great pain, there is always the hope for joy; but the pain never fully goes away. So what if the video has no video to it? It's good music and, I think, a perfect choice for today.

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