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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm searching for a presidential candidate I can believe in.

I'm very sad to say that, with the general elections just under 17 months away, I've already narrowed my field to fewer than five possibilities, even assuming the Libertarian Party fields a candidate. First, I don't give a FUCK how eloquent a speaker a candidate is. I do not say this to draw a comparison between any of the current candidates and a historic figure, but even Adolf Hitler could move masses with his speeches. Therefore, I don't care about how they express an opinion. I care about the content of that opinion, and what they plan to do to bring said ideas to fruition. In that vein, I have visited Barack Obama's website, and what I've read has been, at times, surprising. Nevertheless, I was struck with one overriding question for some of his ideas: With a national debt that is way out of control, where will he get the money? Our nation owes more than any other in the history of the world, yet he proposes more programs? Naturally, I'm referring to his health care proposals. Also, I disagree with Obama on some key issues of his stance on voting rights. I think a photo ID or other governmental ID requirement is fair. I love my native Alabama, but prior to laws that required said IDs, there was a legitimate worry that people pretending to be dead people would vote in elections. I'm in favor of allowing people legitimate access to polls. However, I'm curious to see how his disdain for photo identification could be balanced with the equally problematic issue of voter fraud. Also, while he cites the Voting Rights Act of 1965, I wonder why he believes Alabama and other Southern states should be forced to undergo additional review by the Justice Department before changing laws on the handling of elections and replacing elected officials who, for one reason or another, are unable to finish their elected terms. There are already multiple layers of legal protections and watchdog groups in case a state steps out of line. Why does he think Alabama is still stuck in the George Wallace era? And if he's truly interested in voter intimidation, why doesn't he go after unions who engage in the same deceptive practices he decries? If he has fitting answers for these questions, then he will get my support. Otherwise, unless another candidate pops up, this will probably be my choice.

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