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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Post # 225: Schadenfreude with a side of roasted Nifong

Since I'm feeling lazy after a fat bowl of pasta, I'm going to link instead to Durham In Wonderland's post about Nifong's defense attorneys cross-examining the young reporter from the Metropolis Daily Planet... well, not really, but his actions in defending the innocent in this case have made him look an awful lot like Superman. Witt for Nifong's defense attempted to mitigate the damage of Bannon's testimony, but Bannon was absolutely devastating on the redirect. However, his testimony almost, but not quite, paled in comparison to that of ADA Marsha Goodenow of Mecklenberg County, NC. Her testimony was absolutely brutal. If this is just the third day of the four-day trial, and it's already this bad, I can't wait to see what happens when Nifong takes the stand in his own defense. Abso-fucking-lute poetry. And then there's the five minutes in HELL (if you're Mikey) where the chair of the Bar's grievance committee reveals that Nifong lied to them.

The video shown below is in, ahem, "honor" of rogue Durham, NC, DA Mike Nifong. The song is "Your Number Is One" by the Henry Rollins Band, and Mr. Nifong, if you're out there somewhere, reading this humble blog, yes, your number is one, but you didn't want to know. You just wanted to get reelected, no matter how much wreckage you left in your wake. Oh, and what kind of fucking idiot FLIPS THE BIRD IN OPEN COURT?! Jesus fucking CHRIST!! WHAT KIND OF A GODDAMNED MORON ARE YOU! JESUS CHRIST! Nifong is a smelly cunt.


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