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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Final Day of Nifong's Bar Hearing:

I was discussing this case with some coworkers, none of whom had been following this case as closely as I. As I explained the reason Nifong was facing his betters in the Bar, this one nice lady a few years older than my mother said, "But they found the guys who actually raped the woman, right?" When I explained that no rape occurred, that the NC Attorney General had, after exhaustive research and interviews, formulated a time line based on the evidence, and that two of those accused were proven to have been elsewhere at the time, she was shocked and said that they've got to get (Nifong) out of there. I watched only minutes of Reade Seligman's testimony earlier today, and those few minutes nearly brought me to tears. Had I been watching it live, whether at home or in that courtroom, I would have been weeping right along with a good number of spectators, both in Durham and around the country.

Later, I saw snippets of Nifong crying on the witness stand in his own "defense" and talking about how his parents raised him right and how he wanted his son to see the example he set. It's patently obvious that, although Nifong may have had good parents, although they could even have been among the best parents a child could want, they failed, and the only lesson he's teaching his son is not to get caught. Frankly, I wonder if Nifong is either a sociopath or a malignant narcissist, though I lack the training and the interview time with Nifong to determine what psychological or behavioral disorders he may possess. Nifong even resigned as Durham DA on the stand, no doubt in a futile bid to keep his law license. I hope the fucker and his co-conspirators go to prison for a long, long time. He's grossly abused his power, and he's become every defense attorney's wet dream and every prosecutor's worst nightmare.

Still, overall a good day for justice and not an awful day at work, so I'm going to go old school with the music video today.

If You Want Blood by AC/DC

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