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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An apology to Reade, Seligmann, and Finnerty:

While I have devoted a couple of posts to the three falsely accused lacrosse players at Duke, I haven't devoted my blog to this and fighting other injustices. Instead, I have taken the path of hanging out on a supporters' website, mostly staying anonymous while saying what I've really felt, and basically being a coward. In fact, when I searched for Duke on this blog, I found only two posts: Post 1 and Post 2. While my language has been coarse on my blog and on the Liestoppers website, I've hardly been standing up against this injustice like I should have, and for that, I'm sorry. What I find even more shameful is that I'm a libertarian with a strong emphasis on civil liberties, yet I didn't speak loudly enough when it mattered. Thankfully, these three young men were not subjected to imprisonment for acts they never committed, and just as importantly, acts that never occurred, but that's no excuse.

In light of the alleged threatening mail some members of the Gang of 88 claim to have received, I posted something else as D-503 on the Liestoppers website: "I don't wish the Gang of 88 any physical harm at all. For one, I tend to be more of a pacifist, but for another, I recognize that sometimes the cruelest thing you can do to somebody is just let them live. So I want them to live long, healthy lives. I want them to live long enough to see the careers they built on petty demagoguery crash around them. I want them to live long enough to see their tenure evaporate like a light fog shortly after dawn on a dry summer morning. I want to see each and every one of them sued into the stone age. And I want to see each and every one of them so disgraced that they won't even be able to find a job teaching at a community college at the ass-end of nowhere. May they all live at least 10,000 more days, and may each of those days bring a new agony, not of the body, but of what passes for their soul." This is not a call for vengeance against the Gang of 88. This is a call for justice, and justice demands that they be held liable for their words and actions and their contribution to this miscarriage of justice. Furthermore, I call for justice for all those who have been wrongfully convicted and accused, because while the Duke Three's legal woes are over, others are still suffering because of human error, and in some cases, because of pieces of solid (if flabby and uglier than sin) human waste like Mike Nifong.

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