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Friday, March 02, 2007

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

I'm sure all who read my blog are aware of my stance on the Duke Lacrosse case. However, if you're not, my opinion is that Durham D.A. Mike Nifong trumped up charges, without evidence and in a highly prejudicial manner, against three men who have now been proven innocent. Furthermore, he has refused to drop the charges. If he and other prosecutors are willing to do this to rich people to get elected, what can they be expected to do to those who cannot properly defend themselves? In light of this, I am posting two videos from YouTube. Please watch and... enjoy? The second one is my favorite.


1138 said...

Let's try something on for size, justice injustice wise.
In any of the following states call a cop a pig.
Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana.
No I don't mean you should, not I don't mean it's a right thing to do.
But if you do it there's a set of laws on the books in those states that makes doing so a crime of assault just the same as if you had physically attacked the officer.
Not only that but it give the officer the authority to respond just as if you had made a physical assault.
Yes injustice because my freedom of speech, or yours, or a anyone else's shouldn't stop just because an enforcer of the law happens to be the person you are speaking to.

The biggest problem I see with the Duke case was the slow speed at which it moved. The whole stupid thing played out in the media rather than in the court room where these guys would have been cleared in short order on the rape charges due to lack of evidence.

Although anyone should be able to see that there are still problems involving underage drinking and strippers that created a situation where false allegations like this could take place.
Not exactly the strong moral image Duke wants for it's athletic teams and not something the parents should tolerate from the Schools programs even the coach knew this stuff was going on.

Just my 2 cents depreciated in 2007 dollars

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Still, even stating the obvious that underaged drinking and hiring a stripper are not exactly examples of the pinnacle of moral behavior, the punishment in this case has far outweighed any possible crime that may have occurred.

As for calling a cop a "pig", I hope the wrong person does it, is assaulted by an officer, and takes it before the Supremes. I doubt any court nowadays, no matter how conservative, would read the First Amendment narrowly enough to protect a police officer.

As for the slow speed, I have to agree, and the person most directly at fault is the same one behind the majority of the other major fuckups in this case: Mike Nifong. That speaking rectum should be disbarred and put in an orange jumpsuit, and then he should get a colonoscopy from the Civil Rights Commission.

1138 said...

Don't hold back.
Tell me how you really feel.