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Friday, May 25, 2007

Why, oh why, does the President speak?

Bush said what may have been one of the dumbest things in a presidency marred by stupidity, incompetence, and cronyism at the highest levels of government. To wit, he said that Osama bin Laden is free "because we haven't got him yet". What. The. FUCK! Well, here's another one: I'm not rich because I haven't earned millions of dollars yet. I'm still broke because I have to spend about as much as I make on bills and shit. I'm still fat because I haven't started exercising yet. Fucking idiot...

1 comment:

Snave said...

Bush's brain is fat because he hasn't started exercising it yet...!

I think it was Garrison Keillor who said something to the effect of "When George Bush opens his mouth, that is where the English langauge goes to die."

Clinton had opportunities to catch Bin Laden and didn't do it. Same story for Dubya Bush. I wonder if Bush might have even had more information that could have led to Bin Laden's capture, but that is beside the point anymore... I think both should have their feet held firmly to glowing coals for not getting the job done.