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Monday, May 28, 2007

Time to go REALLY old school:

On one of the blogs I most often frequent, LieStoppers, one of the most intelligent of the frequent commenters, a man by the name of Bill Anderson, pointed out something about one of my ideas. I had suggested that those involved in the framing of three innocent Duke lacrosse players should receive the sentence in prison they attempted to foist on Finnerty, Evans, and Seligmann. He pointed out that was what happened to false accusers in the Old Testament. I believe this should be done not only in this case, but in any other cases where officials of the state knowingly frames innocent persons. In short, I think it's time to go REALLY old school, so that this type of thing never happens again and that, perhaps, fewer of those of humble means get sent to prison for crimes they never committed or, in fact, that never occurred. Had Nifong, Chalmers, the DPD, and Crystal Gail Mangum (and yes, I am naming the accuser because it is known that no actual crime occurred in this case, save those committed by her and officials of Durham, NC) known this was a possibility from the beginning, perhaps these three innocent young men would not have been subjected to 395 days of hell. I can think of no other just way to prevent this from happening again.


Snave said...

I think the same kind of thing ought to happen with truly frivolous or transparent lawsuits... the person suing should be fined the amount sought, just for wasting the time of the judge, jury, taxpayers, etc.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Amen. Oh, and there's a typo in my post. The false accuser's surname is Mangum, not Magnum. Perhaps I should change that to avoid libel.