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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Congressional Republicans really hate the environment:

That's why, as part of new energy legislation, the tax credit for hybrid vehicles will increase, and be on a sliding scale with more efficient vehicles getting a higher tax credit. Also, this bill will allow for credits for new fuel-saving diesel cars expected out within the next couple of years. Score one for Big Oil. Just makes you want to run to your nearest Congressman's office and say, "Fie, fie, why do you hate the environment so!" In case you're wondering, yes, this is sarcasm. As a random thought, does anyone even say "Fie" anymore? Oh well, sounded cool. In all seriousness, though, this is a solid bill and a good step towards reducing our dependence on foreign oil. For me, the issue has always been more about doing less business with people who don't like us and, for that matter, who don't like their own people if their actions are an accurate gauge of the opinions of their leaders. In short, oil has, to me, been more of an issue of national security and human rights than one of the environment. On those bases, I urge President Bush to sign this bill into law.

Now on to some weird shit:

Smelly fungus sparks search for corpse: The fungus was a giant stinkhorn, scientific name Phallus impudicus, and grew to a size of 20 cm (roughly 8 inches), far larger than such fungi usually grow.

No wonder Belgium is the worst curse word in some Douglas Adams books: A Belgian electric company has announced plans to reimburse customers for ruined appliances in the wake of a strong power surge that affected a number of homes and businesses. The voltage was raised to 380 volts from its normal 220 volts around the town of Turnhout.

They've gotta be kidding: Leftist politicians from Berlin are asking for the government to re-erect a giant statue of Lenin. In my book, that's as offensive as asking to raise a re-raise a giant monument to Hitler. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they apparently lack the wit.

World Cup may be boon to German sex industry: A new 60-room brothel is setting up shop a walk away from Berlin's Olympic Stadium in time for the 2006 World Cup. I guess the theory is watching men try to score on the field, then go "score" after the game.

Oh no, not another one: Pilgrims are flocking to see an image of Jesus in a section of a cut tree branch in Bijeljina, Bosnia. I thought that went out of style with pet rocks.

Man, this man's wife picked a winner: In the same courtroom where, only minutes before, he had pled guilty to the gang-related stabbing death, Joshua Martin Miracle was married. He faces either the death penalty or life without parole. What a winner. If I were a woman, he'd be my first choice. *rolls eyes*

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