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Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Links

You may have noticed couple of new links in the "Cool Links" area to your left: Information on Canada, and North Korea News. Before I go further with this post, I want to make it absolutely clear that, by adding them to the site at the same time, this is in no way an attempt to equate the two. Canada is a free, representative democracy where the people have a high level of civil liberties and a good average standard of living. In short, they are, by and large, a good nation and a good people. I may not entirely like their leadership, but I certainly have a measure of respect for their leaders, or at least, as much respect as I have for our own in the U.S. North Korea, on the other hand, is a brutally-oppressive dictatorship whose leader is clearly suffering from a variety of severe mental illnesses and is significantly more detached from reality than Michael Jackson. The standard of living in North Korea is quite poor, and civil liberties are nonexistent.

Furthermore, I have added links to the Lebanese Political Journal and Done With Mirrors blogs in my Cool Blogs area. The former is a very reasoned look at the political situation within Lebanon and offers a perspective you may not have seen here in the United States. The latter seems more along the lines of viewing current events in the United States with a more balanced historical perspective, though the blogger in that case does quite a bit more than that.

This gives rise to the question of why I would add the two Cool Links at the same time (13:27 Central Daylight Time) and two more Cool Blogs at the same time (14:28 Central Daylight Time), and the simple fact is that I don't like adding just one link at a time. If I have that area of the editor open, I'm going to do more than just add one thing. Otherwise, it would seem like a waste of effort. Call it "obsessive-compulsive" or "neurotic" if you want. I'd probably agree with you on some level. I hope you visit all of the sites mentioned above. Enjoy.

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