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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Links and Format Changes

It's been a long time since I've added links to my sidebar. Also, I've gotten rid of the explanation for the blog name since, frankly, no one cares and it was just eating up space unnecessarily and making the site unwieldy. Also, if you want to thumb through my archives, I figure you can scroll down. lol

I added the links because, while I idenfity myself more commonly as a small-l libertarian, that's mainly because as rare a creature as that is, at least it's a term people are familiar with. In ideological terms, I do lean that way, but I lean far closer to neolibertarianism, which addresses the myriad problems I saw in the Libertarian Party even as a young lad fresh out of high school many years ago. Most of the new links are in this vein, though one is something that appeals to something far older and more consistent than my political views: my unrepentant, undying, congenital geekdom. That site is Star Yecch.

The political links are as follows, and I recommend these sites to conservatives, neoliberals, and anyone else who wants to see things from other perspectives. Who knows? Maybe, like me, you'll find in one of these links your ideological home.

Of Punk Rock and Politics provides some compelling commentary, and is a member of the Neolibertarian Network.

Conservative Punk: Not nearly as simple as its name sounds, and another excellent site. Not to be confused with, this site, I believe, has better and far more substantive commentary. This can be found in the Issue Articles area of the website


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