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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bastards of the Day

This segment was once called "People Who Piss Me Off", but that was too unwieldy. I'm all about simplifying lately. Must be something I ate. Anyway, I found a couple of stories that really cheese me off. My advice to both is that they'd've done well to have removed their heads from their asses quite a while ago. Without further ado, here they are.

Worst Deadbeat Dad EVER!!!: In 1979, after escaping a work detail while serving a 1 year prison term for failure to pay child support, Johnny Sterling Martin had a relative call Family Court and report that he had died in a bar fight. Apparently, he was such a sterling individual that this wouldn't've been a surprising fate to befall him, but no, he was just being a deadbeat again. Apparently, after moving 150 miles away, they finally caught him after he started using his real name again about TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! It took them 20 years of him using his real name on government documents to catch this shitsucker. I've seen some pathetic excuses for human excrement, but this guy hit a new low. Well, Mr. Johnny Sterling Martin, recently of Myrtle Beach and currently a guest of the state, you have my sincerest wishes that you live to see many more days, and that each day brings you a new agony.

Bush Administration Fights for Google Records: Having already had his online pornography law struck down by the Supreme Court two years ago, the Bush administration is now subpoenaing Google to find out what people are seeking on their search engine. Google's lawyers are fighting this vigorously, claiming it would violate the privacy rights of their users and reveal trade secrets. I wish Google well in their efforts, and at the same time, I'm extremely glad I almost never use them when I'm browsing for hot lesbians enjoying a good 69 in front of a burning American flag. And Attorney General Gonzales, that was called "sarcasm". Besides, parents and good software protect kids far better than any law can. Laws only apply within the borders of the United States, and many of these sites are overseas, so in effect, not only was the law unconstitutional, it was based on extremely flawed logic. But in truth, the act was signed into law in 1998, but then again, what did Clinton need with online porn when he was getting blowjobs in the Oval Orifice? Hell, maybe that's what this administration needs. They certainly do seem wound a bit tight.

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