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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Can I get a GODDAMN IT from the crowd?!

First, at the top of the screen, you may notice my new Adults Only warning in the area immediately under the blog name. That is because of the foul language that is liable to spew forth from my keyboard. With that said, enjoy the show.

I saw where this son of a bitch was heading years ago. I knew he was going to do it, and I knew that kind of demagoguery only has one purpose: To end up as the executive of a state or nation. Yesterday, Roy Moore announced his candidacy for Governor of the State of Alabama, though as far as I'm concerned, it was merely a formality. I've ranted about him before, around the time I started this blog. In a speech one newspaper referred to as a cross between George Wallace and any Southern Republican gubernatorial candidate, he announced his candidacy. I was just thinking the other day, "Hmmm, we weren't embarassed and became fodder for mockery enough when that old bastard was in office, god damn his soul, why not have someone who's an even bigger asshole in the seat he once held?" Well fuck me blind. Why does this shit have to happen to my state? What? Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina weren't enough, you cunt? You had to join the list of disasters? I never imagined four years ago that there would actually be a candidate bad enough for me to vote for Don Siegelman again. He was a shitstain and a blight on the state during his one term. But I forgot all about Roy Moore. If forced to choose between the two in a general election, which I sincerely hope I don't have to do, I will bend over, relax, and cast my ballot for Don Siegelman. So again, I ask: Can I get a GODDAMN IT from the crowd?!


Sheryl said...

Geeze Louise, Goddamn it!!! And hell's bells at that!!! This is an outrage!!!

I think you should run against both of them as a Communist. That would show them!!!

Sheryl said...

PS I always to dream of running for office registered as the Graft and Corruption Party. My plan is that I would agree with my opposition about everything they said.

Then talk about great the kick backs would be when I implemented all these ideas.

Something like: "I thoroughly agree with the President on increasing the US military. In fact, I have a friend who is a weapon's contractor, and he's been telling me how easy it is to milk the government for military contracts. And when I am President, you can be sure that I will also fight for military spending, and we can all have our hands in the pot. Because graft and corruption is what we all really want. Not to mention cronyism."

Anyway, you could do something similar. In fact, I would not be offended at all if you my idea and ran with it. It would be amusing. :-)

Sheryl said...

Geez, I'm leaving out words again. I should proof what I write. Sorry. :-(

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Make that a "Graft, Corruption, and Dishonesty Party", and I could go for it. Campaign the way you suggested, then if by some insane twist of faith, I get elected, I'd go in and do the exact opposite, be honest and vote for things based on whether or not they're good for the country.

an american said...

Hey Fred, there is a term in the military for what you're feeling: BOHICA. Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

Gee, and I was sorta thinking earlier Chimpie would nominate Roy Moore to the SCOTUS to give the Bushbot faithful an instant orgasm. You know, payback. Instead they get Judge Cutie and the Church Lady. Guess they got BOHICA'd too. ;)