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Saturday, October 29, 2005

And then there were FIVE, and other Division I-A football musings...

The five in question is the number of undefeated teams in NCAA Division I-A football. Fourth-ranked Georgia fell from their number in a 14-10 loss to 14th-ranked archrival Florida.

In the rest of the undefeateds, after a first half scare, #2 Texas went on to rout Oklahoma State 47-28. #8 UCLA overcame a near-upset by Stanford by tying the game up in the last minute and forcing overtime, winning with a final score of 30-27. #1 USC easily destroyed Washington State 55-13. #5 Alabama easily demolished Utah State 35-3. And finally, #3 Virginia Tech handily beat #13 Boston College 30-10.

Also, in a game very close to my heart, #23 Tennessee lost yet again to an SEC rival, slipping to 3-4 and all but killing any bowl hopes this year. Unlike their three previous defeats, this comes not to a top-10 team, but to unranked South Carolina by a score of 16-15. My heart is all atwitter at that news.

Georgia still controls their own fate in the SEC East, while the picture is slightly more muddled in the SEC West. Alabama has three conference games left on its regular schedule, with the first being next week against Mississippi State. If Alabama wins out, the question becomes moot, but if Alabama defeats LSU, and Auburn defeats Alabama, it could be the Tigers of Auburn representing the SEC West in the championship game, not the Alabama Crimson Tide. All in all, there's still plenty of great football to be played and watched. So buy up your tortilla chips and salsa and a hearty supply of cold beer, and enjoy.

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