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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Of counsels and Supreme Court Justices:

I woke up this morning to yet another "Why the hell did I vote for that asshole?" moment. Yes, I know I'm late. I was busy reading fanfiction last night and missed the news until this morning's newspaper. Miers is somehow supposed to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor? Holy everlasting FUCK! What were you thinking, Chimpie? Were you thinking? I don't claim to be a legal expert or possess anything other than a curious, intelligent, and often odd mind, but I don't think it's too much to ask a nominee for Justice on the nation's highest court to have at least SOME experience in the federal judiciary. I'd've taken a lowly circuit court judge, but I would've really preferred an appellate court judge. Is it too much to ask that a Supreme Court Justice hear several years of cases before his or her elevation? Is it too much to ask for said nominee to have written opinions on significant cases, and for those opinions to be a part of public record? Jesus. Hell, the Democratic Party doesn't need to do much in 2006. Between Bush, Delay, and Frist, all the Democratic Party will need is to moderate their message a bit and run on a "Not Them" ticket. Even Pelosi, Dean, Kennedy, and Byrd haven't been able to cause as much damage to their party as Bush alone has caused to the Republican Party. Toss Delay and Frist into the mix, and you have a truly toxic situation. To Bush's credit, Roberts was a good nomination, though I would've preferred he be offered an Associate Justice position instead of going straight to the Chief Justice's chair. I think that seat is better suited to a sitting member of the Supreme Court. However, precedent is split pretty evenly on that issue. Miers, though... It's as though Dave Letterman retired from the Late Show and CBS, in their finite wisdom, chose Carrot Top to take over the reins. I seriously wonder if President Bush is allergic to good press, much like his father before him. I sincerely hope the United States Senate shows the good sense to let out a collective "What the FUCK?" and demand a qualified candidate.

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