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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Now proposing the Million Naked Men and Women March:

I was reading about how Louis Farrakhan, the paranoid hatemonger in chief of the Nation of Islam, had organized a far worse attended sequel to his Million Man March about a decade ago. There was a time when people such as he would have been given a goblin outfit or a red armband with the reverse of a Jainist symbol on it, and renounced as the racist scum he is.

However, I liked the idea of a million people gathering for one purpose. Therefore, I propose the Million Naked Men and Women March. I would love to see a million people march on the National Mall wearing nothing beyond their facial expressions, jewelry, and maybe some cheap sandals or flip-flops. To prevent massive identity theft, I would suggest that the participants leave their valuables and any clothing they want to keep in a safe location, such as their hotel rooms, and perhaps just wear cheap robes until they near the beginning area of the march.

Anyone who wishes to take this idea and run with it is welcome to it. I ask no more than a mention of my blog when advancing this idea. Is this absurdist humor? Perhaps, but it would also serve an additional purpose of at least being interesting.

1 comment:

Evilicious Blonde said...

Naked!!!! LMAO!!!!!

Count me in!!!