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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

People Who Piss Me Off: Roy Moore

For those of you who haven't followed Alabama's latest serial-grandstander, frequent disregarder of the United States Constitution to which he once swore (apparently with his fingers crossed) to serve and protect, pinheaded pompous windbag, and the biggest embarassment to blight our state since George Wallace, you may know him as the "Ten Commandments Judge". However, I refer to him as "That Fucking STUPID Nebbish," or TFSN for short. I said years ago, when he was still just a lowly circuit court judge and therefore only had the ability to humiliate a county or two, and had first pulled a similar stunt that he was going to make a play for the Governor's Mansion one day. So, what does he do when he clobbers a far more qualified and intelligent candidate for the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama? In the dark of night, he and a few of his (brownshirts would be a touch too strong, so I'll stick with "zealots") plop a 5280 lb. (2397 kg) monument of the Ten Commandments in a prominent position of a building that he, as Chief Justice, legally controlled as part of the duties of his office. But not only did it have the Ten Commandments. It also had very pro-religious quotes and quotes from the Founding Fathers cut and pasted into an extremely different context from that in which they were originally written, all of which made it not only a very clearly Christian monument, but one that was geared especially towards his extremely conservative faith with its unabashedly evangelical bent. He challenged it all the way to the United States Supreme Court, and at all levels of the federal court system, he was, to use far coarser language than the judges involved, an asshole and to remove that eyesore from public view. When told by the United States Supreme Court the same thing he'd been told by all of the lower levels of the federal court system, and was told that the State of Alabama would face significant daily fines for each day it remained after a generous grace period to remove it, he kept it there, not caring about the financial duress in which the state was mired at the time, and not caring that even other church leaders, not to mention many others of my fellow Alabamans, wanted him to remove it. Eventually, his other eight Associate Justices voted to remove him from office, as they apparently felt that any judge who didn't respect the law shouldn't be on the bench. I applauded their act then, and I continue to do so now.

After even more legal wrangling, his impeachment was upheld. In my opinion, he and his asshole friends should've been forced to pay his legal fees, but apparently state law didn't allow for that. That was over a year ago. Since then, and even during the height of that scandal, his name has been oft mentioned in the mix for the gubernatorial election in 2006, a race he still has yet to commit to running, though it looks as though he's certainly considering it, if not outright leaning towards it. In my view, he needs to find a nice congregation of people like himself: self-involved assholes who define "persecution" as "not being allowed to force my religious views on everyone else." He should take that congregation and torment them until they wish for that hell that he and his fellow evangelicals like to use to threaten nonbelievers and thinking believers. I certainly know that if he were elected, I'd wish for hell. It would be better than Alabama at that point. I have no problem with Christians. Some of them are among the best people I've ever known. In fact, the single best woman I've ever met is among their number, and is about as conservative as William Buckley, only she's one of the gentlest but liveliest souls I've had the great pleasure and unspeakably deep honor of meeting. However, there is nothing meek, gentle, or thoughtful about Roy Moore. So Roy Moore, I ask of you that which our nation's parents ask of their kids: "Just Say NO!"

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