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Thursday, April 21, 2005

People who piss me off: Evangelicals

I think it's just precious when Evangelicals, mostly Christians in the U.S. but I'm not picky, go off on these incessant holier than thou rants about how they're "persecuted" every time a court ruling comes down that says they don't have the right to force their shrill, poorly-thought and even more poorly-expressed beliefs. When I say "Morning," I don't want to hear, "It's a good morning, because God saw fit to allow me to breathe air." When I'm working, I don't want to hear some probably well-intentioned individual singing some gospel hymn. I honestly can't imagine what non-Christians like myself, and other non-Evangelicals would find off-putting about being told that we're going to be tortured for all of eternity because we don't think like them, no matter how much good we do in this world, while Jeffrey Dahmer, if he were "Saved" before his death, would be in some form of Paradise. If Jeffrey Dahmer and other monsters are granted entrance into Paradise, I'd prefer Hell. It isn't "persecution" when someone is told that he or she cannot force his/her views on other people using taxpayer money. If you want to spout your mindless diatribes, you have that freedom in the U.S.; I just ask that you do it on your own dime and/or on your own property. Schools are about education, not religion. While I'm not against religious discussion in school, I'm only not opposed to it when it is discussed informally among classmates, or to explain the society and beliefs of a society when historic events occurred. I just don't want a teacher to preach to any child in any school that receives my tax dollars. But private schools? As long as at least the minimum standards for accreditation are met, it's their decision, and that of the parents that send them there.

To the Evangelicals, I can tell you exactly how to gain more lasting converts: Live your life well. Be a positive example to those around you. Be that candle that cannot be hid under a barrel. In short, be the type of good, humble, but happy and fun person that everyone wants to be around, help out your fellow man in whatever way you can, and be an example of the best your faith has to offer, BUT DON'T PREACH HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE OR SING GOSPEL SONGS FOR NO APPARENT REASON!!! In short, be like the deity you worship, and the people will come. Maybe not as many as happens by the showier methods, but more stable.

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