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Saturday, April 02, 2005

In memoriam: Terri Schiavo

Like many, I feel betrayed by a court system that failed to protect an innocent woman while being almost anticipatory in catering to the needs of convicted murderers. My heart truly goes out to the Schindler family who fought so hard and so long to save their daughter's life. I wish them solace and comfort during their time of grief. To Michael Schiavo and the judges, I wish all of you a very long life free of any problems beyond the normal ones everyone experiences from time to time. I wish you this so that you may have time to fully reflect on your decision in this case and have the opportunity to atone for this lapse in judgement, though whether or not any of you do will be between you and whatever Creator you believe in. And for Michael Schiavo, I also wish this for you so that you will have plenty of time to reflect on your lack of honor and its consequences.

And as a special aside to members of the Florida state legislature, that which I advocate is nothing less than something I almost invariably detest, but feel is warranted in this case: Grandstanding of the most blatant variety. Terri Schiavo was subjected to a death that, were it proposed, would get defeated as a form of capital punishment before even getting near the Governor's desk. If she were someone's dog, the person responsible for that treatment would receive significant fines and jail time. Had she been a convicted multiple murderer, any guards or other prison officials who did this would be getting their own orange jumpsuit and would probably never breathe free air again. Yet the courts allowed it for an innocent woman whose only "crime" was that of being disabled. So I say take it to the courts.

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