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Monday, September 29, 2008

A good weekend, a bad day, and a religious experience:

First, the good weekend: CNN polls scored the debate 51-38 in favor of Obama. Obama did not score a knockout, but he did get some good licks in, including the best shot of the night. Also, today's issue of USA Today had some very encouraging numbers for the junior Senator from Illinois. And that's not even counting what I noticed last night on RealClearPolitics, with North Carolina joining Virginia in the very slightly BLUE category. Even if that doesn't hold, that forces McCain and the RNC to use critical resources that are even more necessary in Ohio, Florida, and Michigan. Excellent weekend for us Democrats.

I don't think I have to explain how today was a bad day. If you have CNN, you pretty well know that the Dow and the S&P tanked today. I'm not sold on the bailout. However, things don't look pretty, and something has to be done. If that's a bailout or a payback scenario, so be it, but in the coming years, the absolute number ONE priority for this nation must be getting out of debt. The National Debt is approaching $10 TRILLION. That's pretty scary. To put that into perspective, last year's GDP was $13.81 trillion, which leaves us with a debt hovering around 70% of our annual GDP and rising. This is a national security issue, a human rights issue, an economic issue, and more. Hell, it touches on pretty much every single priority we have and need to have, and over the last eight years, the only thing that's happened is its growth. I want the United States of America to exist for the generations to come, but the national debt has become an existential problem. This deeply troubles me.

On a lighter note, I'm finally posting a video of the religious experience I had this weekend. This pretty well covers it. Enjoy. :)


1138 said...

I look at the debate this way.
McCain's injuries were all self inflicted and deep.
Obama gave a good accounting of himself.

The economic crisis does not have to be, Wall Street is holding Main Street hostage in exchange for a big trade of a trillion in foreign profits held up in Chinese capital gains. If we release those profits, they'll call it even otherwise we pay the ransom in bailout... or they lockout the economy in a credit freeze.

Capitalism is showing it's dirty side.
No patriotism in this game.

Candace said...

I look at the Executive Branch's demand for a bailout with NO oversight and no help for the people with mortgages they can't pay as the October surprise (1138 does, too, among others.) As of this Tuesday morning, October 1, the Repugs are still trying to blame the Democrats for their failures. I still think this is going to backfire on the Repugs - i.e., they'll come out looking like the bad guys.
That means they will have to resort to something else before the election, and that scares the bejeebus outta me.