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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Russ Feingold Censure Resolution:

As I was watching Meet The Press, it was impossible to ignore Senator Feingold's announcement that he would be putting forth a measure to censure the President, though he made a point not to rule out other people who may be the subject of a censure resolution. Last year, when he made his censure motion and only three of his fellow Democrats joined him, I respected him for his courage. However, in a time when justice cries out for this President to be impeached, he's acknowledging that his proposition has no legal binding and will, in essence, tell any Republican President should know when they serve concurrently with a Democrat Congress: They don't like him. I'm deeply disheartened, yet far from surprised, that none of the leadership of either major political party has the courage and integrity to do that which must be done for the good of our nation: Impeach President Bush.

Also, I'm equally disturbed by something I mentioned earlier: Congress' failure to get rid of the national debt and reform and/or eliminate the entitlement programs before our nation is only able to pay for the interest on the debt and some, but not all, of our basic infrastructural needs. May our descendants forgive us our pettiness, shortsightedness, and weakness.

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