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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eight Random Facts about the Farting One:

1) Spoken English is almost equivalent to a second language for me, although it's the language I grew up hearing. The written form is where I was first really able to express myself. I didn't even speak a coherent sentence until I was 3, and I didn't achieve true comfort with the spoken form of the language until much later. The causes to this day are not entirely known, but there are some very solid theories.

2) I once wanted to become a speech pathologist out of gratitude to those who helped me, sort of a "Pay It Forward" type deal. Of course, then I remembered that I'm not exactly fond of children who aren't related to me (and some who are). :)

3) I have never voted for a Democrat in any presidential election, although I regret not voting for Badnarik in '04 and for Harry Browne in '00. Also, I have never voted a straight ticket in my life, with my record being roughly half Republican and half other.

4) I have never voted in a Democrat primary, not because I didn't like some of the candidates, but rather, because that's where all the interesting races are and the greatest opportunity to mitigate the damage is in Alabama.

5) I love a good fight, argument, or debate. I find little is as entertaining as watching two people slug it out, or slugging it out myself, though for the last 10-15 years, I've stuck to the verbal forum, because I absolutely suck at fighting.

6) I almost joined the Sierra Club, again, because I was young and spoiling for a fight, a battle of wits. Seeing what they've become now, I'm glad I didn't.

7) I have NEVER liked mainstream country music, with the exception of bluegrass and zydeco.

8) I spent a weekend in the Paris Hilton. Wanna see the video? j/k One of my hobbies is trying to shock people with some of the jokes I tell. Pissing people off is just a natural talent I have.

Since I don't have 8 people to tag, I'm posting yet another video. It's completely unrelated to the above post, but I like it. It's a fan video that combines footage from one of my favorite films (Equilibrium) with one of my favorite songs by VAST. Enjoy.


Snave said...

I am totally with you on #7, MC. A high school friend of mine, who like me, still lives in the ol' hometown, knows my band is on the rocks and wants me to join up with him in starting what he calls a "kick-ass country band". He is a fun person to play music with, but I can't tolerate the stuff we would play, which is Tim McGraw, Big and Rich, etc. Yuccch!!!

I think the Sierra Club has kind of gone the way of the NRA... over the edge.

Definitely, there are some kids I'm fond of and others who I don't care to associate with... heh! On the wall in my middle school office, I posted a sign that says "Many people bring joy to this room... some by entering, and others by leaving." That's cool that you had given consideration to being a speech-language therapist. I find speech therapy is fun, even if a few of the kids are scuttle-about turdlike creatures.

Shock value is good. That is one of your endearing features!

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Correction to # 3: That should have been "non-Republican" instead of "Democrat". Badnarik and Browne are/were Libertarians. I voted for Bob Viagra instead of the charming misogynist incumbent in '96, and to my shame, for the Shrub in '00 and '04, though as red as my state is, it didn't matter which way I voted.