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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bush got him a little Scooter II, a response to Greenwald:

Since Glenn Greenwald's article is of a fair amount of length, I won't cite the entire article here. It is, however, definitely worth a read, and I ask that you read before continuing on with my post.

If Bush is, in fact, Nietzschean in his outlook, would that make him, and by extension, his lackeys, nihilists? I would argue that the problem of corruption at the top levels of government is far older than six years. That said, Bush has taken that initial flaw, and instead of ameliorating it, has chosen to take it to disturbing extremes and added a strong thread of cronyism. Macchiavelli did not describe things as they should be. He described things as they really were. A few years ago, I would have hoped that we have progressed since then, but Bush has given lie to the dreams of my youth. In conclusion, I could find no meaningful flaws with Mr. Greenwald's arguments.

Enjoy the music.


Snave said...

When I went to the site, I wasn't able to get the article to appear. I'll keep trying!

If the author is arguing that the Bush administration views human existence as being of no essential value, I'm not sure that is entirely correct, but it is interesting to consider. If he thinks they believe that no "true morality" exists, I might agree with that. If he is talking about nihilism in terms of ethics and about the way in which systems of authority are rejected, I can see that. Due to Bush's belief in a creator, he might not fit into this category.

Anyway, a lot of what the administration does, indeed seems nihilistic... but are they that way consciously, or are they that way uncousciously, without realizing they are? Is it that they don't talk like nihilists but that they act like nihilists?

Thanks for the thought fodder, MC. I will continue to see if I can pull up the Greenwald article.

Bastard Son of Johnny Cash indeed! Good music, kind of a depressing video...

Snave said...

Depressing or not, I went right to and ordered a copy of VAST's "Turquoise and Crimson".

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

The article is "Lewis Libby owes his freedom to our corrupt political elite." Good stuff.

Snave said...

Sorry about this, man... but I tagged you. Heh... Come check at my weblog for details.