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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Fate of Barbaro, or why Nick Zito is a cunt...

I'm sure that for those of you who watched the Preakness Stakes yesterday, you were alarmed to see poor, adorable Barbaro brought up lame about 1/8 of a mile into that jewel of the Triple Crown. I happened to read a story on USA Today, since they had updated more recently than any other news source I could be bothered to find as of the writing of this post. I admit that I too was a little bit upset when I saw that footage, but that was nothing compared to the deep and abiding anger that was sparked when I read what Nick Zito, trainer to this four-legged juggernaut, had to say on this matter. "It's a little bit like Hurricane Katrina. It happened to us now." Well, Mr. Zito, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but as a show of my deepest sympathies and well-wishes for someone else's livestock, I would like to invite you to go to fuck yourself using the object(s) of your choice. Yeah, a horse, even an expensive one, breaking three bones and dislocating another in the ankle area is every bit as awful as the deaths of 1,747 people with 485 people still missing, the destruction of a major city and several small and mid-sized towns, the first mass evacuation of an American city since Atlanta during the Civil War, hundreds of thousands of people rendered homeless, either temporarily or permanently, and damage estimated around US$75 billion. Mr. Zito, just do everyone a favor and take a vow of silence, since you are obviously too stupid to be allowed to speak in public.

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