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Friday, May 12, 2006

Changes to the blog

You may notice that I have recently changed this blog to allow only registered users. Upon reflection, I've found that this was a mistake. I still want to encourage everyone to post on my website. However, "Gary" has made me realize there are people to whom I do not wish to give a forum to express their disgusting views. I have no problem with dissent or alternative viewpoints on most things. However, he has more than crossed the line as evidenced in my most recent posts, specifically, regarding his beliefs on the proper conduct of adults with children. Therefore, I have decided to allow anonymous comments again. That said, all comments on this blog will be moderated, unless you are members of this blog. I will not modify in any way any post that comes my way. If I find it offensive, I simply won't post it. To make it easier for those who regularly comment on my blog, I will allow the option of membership to bypass the moderation features of Blogger, since I have seen what type of people you are over the last several months and have a reasonable belief that, though we will probably disagree a goodish bit of the time, you're still decent people.

Happy Mothers' Day to everyone out here in blogland.

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