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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I would say Bill Gates=Satan, but Satan has a better approval rating.

The latest incident to which I refer is the WGA update, which many unsuspecting people will download as part of the automatic update feature of Windoze. Before I continue, I want those of you with Mac OS X or one of the many distributions of Linux to finish pointing and laughing at we sad sacks of shit who still use one of the flavors of Microsoft (failing to) Operating Systems. The update is listed by Microsoft as KB905474, and installs the Windows Genuine Advantage program onto unsuspecting computers. Some of the reported issues with this have been with those who have had their hard drives serviced but have legal copies of their version of Windoze having annoying balloons popping up and saying that they're not running legal copies of Microsoft's software. A much better outlining of this issue can be found on ZDNet in the blog post titled Microsoft Presses the Stupid Button, and I recommend reading the post as well as the ensuing discussion. I have griped about the evils of the Sony rootkit CDs, but I would venture to say that this is even moreso; hence, the title of this post. As for me, I plan to install the critical updates and send this which was intentionally added in error to the dust bin where it belongs. I'm sure Big Bill will wonder where he went wrong in a few years, when Linux carves out a market share Mac can only wish they had, but by then, it will be too late. Not to worry. As soon as I get better hardware, if Microsoft won't be dead to me, they will certainly be close enough.

Oh, and to the Mac users, blame Steve Jobs for your minority status. Besides, he's an even bigger wanker than Bill Gates.

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