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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, and A defense of McCain's VP Pick: Post number 299

First, yes, I do live on the Gulf Coast in an area that may be impacted by Gustav, though I'm on the outer reaches of that. My thoughts and prayers, and I think it's reasonable to assume, those of the few people who read this blog, are with those in the Greater New Orleans metro area, other points in Louisiana, and Mississippi, as well as those in low-lying and flood-prone parts of coastal Alabama and the western Florida panhandle. As for my area, I'm so worried that my biggest concern is over which snack to enjoy next, though I'm very grateful I'm not in the position of so many others from this general area. I've been in their shoes, leaving and not knowing what, if anything, will be left when you come back, and it's not fun.

I have read some who have compared this to Katrina, and been annoyed by those words. The Gulf water temperatures are nowhere near as high as they were three years ago. Still, make no mistake: This is not a zephyr. This is a major hurricane, and with the projected landfall being west of New Orleans, well, it's not good news in the least for the Big Easy. Anyone familiar with hurricanes knows that the northeast quadrant is the worst part of the storm shy of a direct hit, and New Orleans will likely take that northeast quadrant of this storm up the ass. It's a great city with not-so-great leadership, and everyone affected, including the good people of New Orleans, have my deepest sympathies.

As sad as this news is, the show must go on. I have given the Palin pick a lot of thought, and I've actually managed to find a reason that makes McCain sound like less of an idiot. This could be a carefully orchestrated act of revenge against the Republican Party for their unconscionable attacks against him in 2000. In short, this could be Senator McCain giving the movers and shakers in his party the finger. He has destroyed the party unity he once had as one of his few weapons, and he has become late night television fodder. If this is not an example of spectacularly bad judgment, this is the only explanation that makes sense. She's even more genuinely far to the right than McCain himself, and frankly this move reeks so strongly of desperation that people living miles from a television can smell it. If anyone else has any other viable theories, please, share them. My final analysis is that McCain just threw the election away.


1 comment:

1138 said...

Tossed it completely, he put me back into the voting booth.
I was kinda you know yawn about things, but then the drop dead old man picked a know nothing dangerous running mate.
Well - I've got no choice, I love my country too much not to vote against that kind of risk.