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Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you, Governor Spitzer, and other musings:

Well, I'm sure if you've turned on a TV today, you know about Governor Spitzer of New York's involvement in a prostitution sting. Believe it or not, the title of this post is not entirely said sarcastically. While I'm sad for what it means for his family, I know that he brought it upon himself in a display of human weakness. Still, ultimately, it is they who will be innocent people punished for the actions of this flawed man. But apparently, this was not the first ethical lapse of his time as governor, as evidenced by his alleged misuse of State Police to investigate a political rival. It was, instead, the last, and for that reason, I'm thankful that he finally did something he couldn't get away with or brush aside.

Also, I'm thankful for Hillary co-opting the "3:00 a.m." ad created by an Obama supporter. This had the effect of simultaneously exposing further her willingness and eagerness to do anything to win, no matter how unethical, and providing ample fodder for amateur comedians, late-night talk show hosts, and one of my favorites, Saturday Night Live. I can almost see Amy Poehler portraying Hillary now. While nothing will ever compare to the Golden Era of Saturday Night Live, I think this cast is at least very good.

But most of all, I'm thankful that NASA, a government agency I have maligned often and vocally for their lack of progress during the last 30+ years and history of suffocating innovation through excessive bureaucracy, are at least doing SOMETHING towards exploring Mars. While manned exploration and colonization are vastly preferable to tossing robots at our neighbor planet, I suppose even a distant second choice is better than nothing at all. I love Mars. It's a beautiful planet rife with opportunities, and if given the opportunity to be one of those first explorers, I would gladly do so, knowing the risks would be far outweighed by the rewards for science and humanity. I fell in love with Mars when I was young, and though other interests came and went, my curiosity and fascination with Mars has never been sated. The most frustrating thing about it, though, is that the lion's share of the technology needed for safe human exploration of Mars has existed for 40 years or more. We should have had our first manned expedition to Mars when I was in grade school, yet it appears that, thanks to politicians and various special interests within and outside of academia, we might get a manned expedition two generations from now, if we're lucky, and not only is it sad on a level I can barely express, it's pathetic. What happened to the America that planted a flag on the Moon? What happened to that ingenuity and that political will? Bah.


Candace said...

I'm bummed about the lack of space exploration, too. What happened, you ask? Well... there was that whole Vietnam thing, for one. I remember doing a post about this some time back, along the lines of, "Hey, Where's my jetpack, my floating car, my house that cleans itself, not to mention vacations on the Moon?!" Sadly, all of those things could have happened but for the "need" to spend billions on warfare. Makes me sick.

1138 said...

Last month Fred couldn't even spell Spitzer, this moth he's glad they "finally" got him.
That's probably why you've been blogging about him for years right Fred? Getting us all ready for the big take down?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Yes, and I love you too, 1138. Did your Mommy write that for you? While I didn't know about this idiot specifically, any time a politician who abuses his or her power gets taken down hard, well, it's a good day. I refer to him as an idiot mostly for the way he was taken down. He'd busted prostitution rings, he knew all the tools at the state's disposal, he knew many of their investigative tactics, and he went about it in a stupid manner anyway. So, perhaps "idiot" is an inaccurate term. Perhaps "extreme hubris" is more fitting, but in the final analysis, he's still a former governor facing a criminal prosecution, so in that sense, the two terms are a distinction without a difference.

His defense of being an "addict" was thin enough to read microfiche through. $80,000 over the course of a decade, at roughly $2000-$5000 a pop works out to 4 times a year or less, and at the high end of that, less than twice a year. Why, I know smokers who are truly addicted to nicotine and haven't kicked the habit who smoke only 4 cigarettes a year. *sarcasm*

1138 said...

My Mommy?
Let's talk about your mommy.
Daddy still beating her in front of you?

I know nothing of any defense of sexual addiction but you wouldn't be reading a physical object through a medical concept anyways.

I've got better things to do with my life than to worry over the senseless sexual escapades of public officials that have no impact on my life in other states.
You on the other hand have a shortage of dildos and are properly over concerned with everything sexual everywhere at all times.

The entire issue is the business of the citizens of the state of New York, not a fool in Alabama or a guy in Georgia.

A corrupt cop wow. But you know what, the guy used his own money, not the publics, he wasn't thief like most of the people he busted.
The are distinctions and differences even when the person remains a transgressor, just like Boeing and Nifong.
Vengeance is not yours, or mine - YOU have a serious problem that is going to burn you badly.