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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A set of apologies, though none will appreciate them:

I admit that I made a mistake when I referred to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and John McCain as "cunts", and when I called Barack Obama a "whore". Also, I was wrong when I made a series of inflammatory remarks about 1138. For the verbiage I used and some of the tenor I expressed in my remarks, I apologize. What I should have said is as follows:

Hillary Clinton is a soulless, Swiftboating, amoral bitch with a calculator where her heart should be who will say and do anything (though I pray not anyone) to get power, though on the last point, well, she did stay with Bill, and I'll leave it at that.

Nancy Pelosi is a spineless wonder whose idea of "compromise" is rolling over at the expense of the American people. Though she has promised a fight over refusing to grant retroactive immunity to telecoms over warrantless domestic spying, this was largely a result of pressure from the left wing of her party. Based on her record, I wonder how long this pressure will serve in place of her absent backbone. Nevertheless, I suppose I should be grateful for whatever little token resistance she puts forth. But what the fuck? She rolls over, it's only the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution that the current FISA bill has taken a giant, steaming shit on. Who gives a fuck? It's only fascism if the government says it is, right?

John McCain is a hypocritical rat-bastard with anger-management problems on an order that would shock even the late Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols. Like Sid Vicious, he's an addict, though Senator McCain's drug of choice is power. Based on his record, I feel it reasonable to believe that he thinks his power makes him above the laws that govern the rest of us, and that scares the everlasting fuck out of me, even more so than President Bush.

Barack Obama is a man who, on many issues, I admire, but he has completely fucking sold out on this issue. This contract SHOULD have been about replacing a fleet of tanker planes that should have left service no later than 10 or 20 years ago, yet he apparently supports a corrupt business that offered an inferior aircraft at higher cost, and who, by the way, is far overdue in their extant contracts. We don't need a replacement for the KC-135 10 years from now; we need it right the fuck NOW!

And finally, 1138, I was wrong to make a series of inflammatory remarks towards you. Specifically, I was wrong to make those remarks because I've realized something: You allow Lou Dobbs to think for you. Since that is the case, I was wrong to direct my comments at you. I should have directed them towards your answer to Rush Limbaugh. I can understand, well, actually, I can't understand, how it would be easy to buy into the specious argument that increasing our manufacturing infrastructure for vital defense aircraft would somehow weaken our overall defense manufacturing capacity. It doesn't make a goddamned bit of sense to me, but then again, for all of my well-advertised and obvious hotheadedness, I am capable of logical thought. Still, you did buy Lou Dobbs' bullshit, and for that, I'm sorry. Lou Dobbs is a "defender of the middle class" insomuch as Manuel Uribe is anorexic.

Thus endeth my apologies. Please accept them in the spirit in which they were given.

Now crank this shit up!


1138 said...

Except that I told you it's not about jobs you little snake. I'm amazed how you just toss that aside - for YOU it's about jobs so you insist that it must be for everyone else including me.
I'm not a Dobbs boy but you listen to me so little you wouldn't have a clue - we've sung felice navidad in my house every Christmas as long as I remember and I'd chhrack Mr. Dobbs skull if he ever stepped on my lawn.

You're reprehensible because you think you're getting "new" jobs and you keep taking about a "cheaper" plane that isn't from a factory that doesn't exist.
Northrup Grumman is under Congressional investigation for failing on a Coast Guard Cutter conversion that has made 8 working ships permanently unseaworthy.

Our government has an action against Airbus for illegal actions at the same time we award them a contract?
Oh and EADS is selling weapons to Iran and North Korea great they'll be using profits.

But you read my last posts over at Snaves.
This issue is personal for me, I've had friends fly and die in the planes and I don't give a shit that you want some jobs I want people that use them to live and what you read from a press release from Northrup/Grumman/EADS directly or through Senator Sessions office.

But get ready because this EADS deal is as dead as Dubai Ports.

Isn't there something in your belief system that prohibits false apologies?
Naw! You probably find a cop out that excuses you from having to be real all the time, something that give you an out to be an asshole any old time it just feels good.

Hove fun at the freak show.

Lizzy said...

Wow, those are some snarky apologies! Aside from your blog fight with 1138 (which I'm smart enough to keep out of) I do appreciate what you wrote about everyone else.

1138 said...

MC er I mean dimbulb read this link

I doubt it will alter anything - but Lizzy pretty much described you as nicely as anyone could SNARKY and that's her being charitable.

I wasn't aware Dobb's and I shared any interest in this until you pointed it out, so no butt boy, he wouldn't have been doing my thinking for me.


You know what they call people like you?

Open a manhole and climb in it's called sewage.

You got parents? They must be so proud of you. Not.

Snave said...

I'll stay out of the spat, but I'll say I agree with the rest of the comments for the most part. I am particularly displeased with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's "leadership". Like the title of a collection of Dilbert cartoons reminds us, "Don't Step in the Leadership". If the left fails to control the Senate and the House after the 2008 elections, I lay the blame at their doorsteps.

1138 said...

You know I don't particularly mind that Brain dead Fred is wrong, at least he forms an opinion and fights for it wrong as hell he may be, but people that won't get behind anything at all - well they're even worse than Fred - they're the kind of people that got us into and keep us in Iraq.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Wow, 1138, that was almost nice of you. I don't think you're a complete dipshit either.

1138 said...

Ih Fred - you are a not a complete dipshit, that would be an insult to dipshit.
You're trying to kill people I care care about for a few jobs and some quick bucks at the expense of the country for a plane that hasn't flown in the awarded configuration to be built in a factory that doesn't exist by a workforce that isn't trained and train aircrew ??? oh yeah - they've never worked with that either.
It's all going to be new.
That's called a learning curve.
I can see the failures coming.
I've seen it happen before but this is critical and avoidable.

1138 said...


"This contract SHOULD have been about replacing a fleet of tanker planes that should have left service no later than 10 or 20 years ago, yet he apparently supports a corrupt business that offered an inferior aircraft at higher cost, and who, by the way, is far overdue in their extant contracts. We don't need a replacement for the KC-135 10 years from now; we need it right the fuck NOW!"

We would have had these planes by now if it had not been for the interference of Senator McCain and others, and any claimed savings have been lost in the following 6 years - those claims also happen to be false.
The Air Force knew what they needed, so how is it the spec changes under political pressure, a spec that is going to end up costing a lot more for a plane that isn't ready and won't be for years.

Fred - this is my branch of the service and my guys - my mission if you will.
What's yours, besides swearing and cussing?

1138 said...

Can't stay on thread can you weasel

1138 said...

But I can see why your impoverished undereduacted, unempoyable bunch would so desperately need the welfare type work provided in the manner you are seeking it.

So be it, but trust me - your state is not getting any respect for what it is doing, none at all.

But hey, your mother's little side business will pick way up on saturday nights.

(PS I'd suggest you start learning what an apology is because when you feign (pretend) one and then just amplify your insult, you earn a fucking enemy for life and with enemies like me, well you don't need no-doze)

You've pretended to be an atheist, then when a "famous" mormon shows up suddenly your mormon.
Nobody takes you seriously, your a giant (fat) god damned joke.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I never "pretended" to be an atheist. I stated that I had been an agnostic but was returning to the faith of my youth. I suppose the Air Force was grateful for the years you swept floors and picked up garbage.

As for an "enemy for life," well, do you have any idea how many times I've been threatened online or how many people have said the exact same thing to me? You're not even a blip on my radar.

1138 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
1138 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
1138 said...

Fruity Fred, I've never threatened you, don't flatter yourself.
I don't threaten - I do.

As for sweeping etc. every one that is in the Air force does some of that we aren't prima donas, I did a lot more than that but I have no need to brag to a fucking little nobody on earth like you.
You never served, you never will, not in any capacity.
The Air Force wanted me to stay, begged me even - you, they wouldn't take you on visitors day.

As for God and Atheism (Agnostic a.k.a. I'm too lazy to even decide about God) I still see no evidence in your behaviors that you believe in any God, none so the truth is that you are what you always were, a bag of stinking gas.
The faith of your youth rejects everything you display yourself to be online.
Here you pretend bravery, in life, well you hide behind that keyboard and yell at life - you don't participate.

I'm not the false patriot that you lamely accuse me of being, but you are most definitely the false human I'm calling you out as.

Get out!

I'm not the never was, you are the never was, never will be unless you move that fat ass now lazy boy.