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Monday, February 19, 2007

The King IS BACK!!! (part 1)

As I start writing this, I am listening to the old Mortal Kombat soundtrack, track # 13 which is some pretty hard thrash metal. I chose it for inspiration, because, since I am finally back after a long absence from the Internet, I'm ready to kick some ass. I've been well, but my computer has not. Specifically, the motherboard died, so I chose instead to get a new tower, with a faster processor, a bigger hard drive, more memory, and a new operating system. It's the last one that's been a bit of a rub, since it turns out that dial-up ISP's don't like Linux all that much. Who knew? Well, to that question, the answer is pretty much everybody, but I'm a bit of a pigheaded asshole about some things. Since I had to get a new tower, I decided to make a clean break from Windows, and since I'm not a member of the Church of Steve Jobs, I chose Linux, specifically the Ubuntu “Edgy Eft” distribution. I've been playing on this machine for about a week now, and I can honestly say that the only things I'm missing from Windows is a bunch of crapware and some files that were on my old hard drive, but I'm in no rush to get that corrected... yet. Once I am, though, I have a geek friend who will help me out. I think I'm just going to install the old hard drive and have it for the few instances where I need some program that's compatible with the bloatware that Redmond, WA, passes off as an operating system. But since I'm already planning on a few upgrades to this computer, I think it can wait until then. Nevertheless, I'm probably going to be judiciously raiding the Debian and Ubuntu repositories for a few things I want, so I may not be visiting your blogs all that much for a while. The important thing is that I'll be online with my nice, shiny box, my beautiful OS, and my nice high-speed Internet connection. Since it may be a while before I blog again, I just want to say FUCK OFF, BILL GATES!!! And, in the immortal words of Howard Dean, “YEAAAAH!” I would be making that same gesture that Chuck Liddell makes after winning a bout, but for one, it would be a bit difficult to do that and type, and for another, I'm way too flabby and not flexible enough for that to even come close to looking as cool as he does. lol

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