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Sunday, October 01, 2006

My final post:

It has truly been a privilege and honor to know all of you. I wish all of you the best in life.


Sheryl said...

Thanks Mandelbrot. I've enjoyed talking to you as well.

Snave said...

Like Sheryl said, thanks! I hope that you will continue to come by and fart some fire from time to time, as I will miss it very much if you don't. I respect you for your independent-mindedness and your opinions, which are usually pretty much well-thought-out and rational. Lately I have come to realize that I am becoming like Bush in a major way, which is that I am tending to trust my gut more than analyzing and synthesizing evidence and information. I chalk some of that up to the upcoming elections and the feeling I have that the administration needs to be kept in check. Also, as I posted recently, it's somewhat due to me realizing I am basically a bleeding heart... oh well. I realize I am o.k. with that. While you and I don't agree all the time, I think that is just fine. Everyone doesn't have to agree all the time to get along. Seriously, if you are ever in La Grande, OR, look me up and we will go out for a beer!

Good luck to your college football teams this year! I continue to be amazed by Auburn, and because I know you will be rooting for the Tide, I will pull for them as well. Their conference is a good one. My Ducks? Well... let's just say they will be undefeated for at least a few more days. I have a sinking feeling that they will run into a buzz-saw in Berkeley this Saturday. Their November trip to LA to face the Trojans might yield similar results.

Re. blogging, I have gotten to the point where I sometimes wonder "What's the point?" I don't have much to say, really, in most cases, that hasn't been said many times already... and blogging has become something I tend to do through force of habit. I could probably be doing other, more constructive things with my time. I'll keep my thing going for a while longer, for what it's worth. Maybe I ought to try blogging about stuff that is less ulcer-inducing than politics and religion... maybe have a blog about food, geography, worms, arthropods, octengenarians?? Hell, I dunno.

Anyway, I will miss your blogging, and I hope you will still come around my miserable place from time to time! Cheers.

GTX said...

Now that I was starting to have some more time to Internet (I even have you linked to my humble blog).
Hope it is not due to anything annoying and yes due to a new opportunity or a better place or some improvement.
To me, you always had consistency in your opinions (for what I had read on your comments and posts), despite if the antagonism was stronger, you never had give up, and that's courageous.
That's it Mandelbrot, I always found very funny you've picking such blog's name that made me remember the times with a program that makes randomised fractals models based on Mandelbroot mathematics on the great Commodore Amiga. Great blog name.
So, farewell and be alright.
Especially with yourself ;o)«

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Thanks, Sheryl, Snave, and GTX for your kind words. GTX, if only that courage were mirrored in my real life. The reason I've discontinued my blog is because I have some issues I need to get straight. If those get resolved, perhaps I may come back on this very blog, new and improved. Otherwise, I had fun.

Snave said...

Whatever is going on, I hope it gets set straight for you. Until your firey return, I know I speak not just for myself when I say your presence will be missed. Take care!!

1138 said...

Get some balance, aye?