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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fuck your god.

Well, it's time for the Atlantic hurricane season to really get underway. Tropical Storm Chris is in the water, and I'm already twitching. I don't know where this little bastard's going. All I know is that his very existence is bad enough tidings on this first day of August. I certainly will not rest easy until the sounds of Christmas music are pounding in my ears, the shrill bleating of other people's demon-spawn about how they want this, or that, or whatever. Right now, it's just the "school's about to start; let's rupture mom's eardrums" cacaphonizing going on in the stores; that is, when the little hellions aren't coughing up their spleens. It is my sincerest hope that this is the worst I see in the stores in the coming months. Happy motherfucking August.


Snave said...

Did you add music to your site? Who is the artist? It's great soundtrack music for gazing at the title of this post! Heh... I am also hoping this hurricane season will go easy on your area!! Same for the kids who are returning to school. I will be back at work with my caseload of kids ages 5-18 starting in about a month! In the meantime I will drink beer and eat vicodin, but probably not at the same time. Well... maybe I'll have to try that. We'll see!

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

No music, since I couldn't find anything quite nasty enough for my tastes. :) Talk about raising the terror alert level; look at the tropics. Ugh.