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Monday, April 03, 2006

My contemplative mood is over. It is time once again for me to get ugly.

Do you, my few fans, love my polemics with as much hellfire and brimstone as a revival preacher but without the annoying preaching? Do you love it when I tear into someone? Then you'll be sorely disappointed. I'm feeling a bit snarkier today. :P Just kidding. Let the games begin!

Two weeks ago, I had no clue who Cynthia McKinney was. Now, over the last few days, I've learned from her own words and actions that she's a racist bitch who refuses to take responsibility for her actions. I watched her interview on CNN, and frankly, I pity the people she so inadequately represents. The Capitol Police's version is thus: She wasn't wearing her pin designating her as a member of Congress, she went around the metal detector, she refused three times to identify herself, then hit the officer in the chest with her cell phone. Her version is that she was being picked on because she was black. Bullshit. Complete, utter, and irrefutable bullshit. I've worked in jobs where I had to show some form of identification to get in the building unchallenged, and they were a damned site less important and in less important locations than an office building for the United States House of Representatives. Had she turned around any of those times and said to the officer something to the effect of (but more professional than) "Sorry, man, here's my badge," the situation is over. What she did after that would've been on her, but she wouldn't be under investigation for assaulting an officer. However, she chose to strike the man in the chest with a foreign object. Congresswoman McKinney, just remember, you can't spell "assault" without the word "ass", and you were being one. Personally, I hope that, whatever the outcome, all Congresspersons and all Senators, hell, all elected officials be required to go through those metal detectors and be screened just like the rest of us schlubs, and I hope that regulation is named the Cynthia McKinney rule in appreciation. Even should your career survive this ZsaZsa Gabor moment, I bet that would make you tremendously popular in the cafeteria. I bet all the cool Congresspersons will want to hang out with you and ask your opinion on important manners after you cost them even more and persistent headaches. Oh, and Congresswoman McKinney, one last thing: I love your new hair. It makes you look like a new woman.

Next, I would like to tear into Roy Moore... Just kidding. CBS has selected a new anchor for their nightly news show. They could've gone with Soledad O'Brien or any of literally hundreds of qualified people to take the reins of one of the most prestigious jobs in journalism to repair the damage left in Dan Rather's wake. So who did they choose? Someone who gets a flexible camera jammed up her ass every year on national television. Of course, I'm talking about none other than one of my least-favorite on-air personalities, Katie Couric. She has about as much cred as a real journalist as Vanilla Ice had as a rapper, and she's twice as annoying as Carrot Top. Talk about See B.S. But that's okay. I'm sure their dozen or so remaining loyal viewers will be happy to see that aging harpy drone on about the news, and the issues that matter to her, like herself, or Katie Couric, or Couric, Katie, or proper colon health. This just begs the question: Is Les Moonves trying to kill the news arm of CBS? If so, he did a bang-up job by signing that crone.

I'm not watching Fox News, as I find my blood pressure benefits from eliminating nighttime exposure to that network from the programming, so I have no clue what Bill O'Reilly has to say about either of these issues, and frankly, I don't care. I don't like Bill O'Reilly. While he is undoubtably intelligent, he masks this extraordinarily well by bullying guests with whom he disagrees and generally making an ass out of himself. Furthermore, he harps on about mistakes and indiscretions others have committed while refusing to discuss his own, though on the last point, I admit to being more than a bit relieved. After all, who really wants to hear the tapes of him poorly attempting to have phone sex with one of his female producers, a mistake for which he paid very dearly if the rumors are true? I'm glad she sued him for what was a very clear case of sexual harrassment, and I'm even gladder I didn't hear those tapes. His voice trying to be sexy... Can I safely assume that the rest of you are as disgusted by that mental imagery as I am? Ugh. But the issue is closed since it's about him; just ask him. Fucking useless hypocrite.

And on that note, I bid you all a good evening.


JasonSpalding said...

If a sitting congresswoman was about to be exposed as a thief that stole money from the public what would she do?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

In the abstract, it would depend on the specifics of the case. However, those are not the allegations against Congresswoman McKinney, and I would seriously hesitate to even be construed as implying that this may be an issue here.

I don't know her, and may have heard her name a handful of times before this incident. For all I know, she could be a relatively honest woman, or at least no worse than many who attain that high an office. The issue at hand is this incident with the Capitol Police, and she has behaved extraordinarly poorly in this instance. This didn't have to happen. Congresswoman McKinney made that choice. The question then falls upon the Justice Department and law enforcement agency or agencies involved to determine which, if any, counts Congresswoman McKinney will face.

Snave said...

I'll try this message again, the first one was eaten alive by the goddamned Blogger monster!

I had heard McKinney claimed the officer toucher her inappropriately. Maybe that happened, maybe it didn't... but it does certainly sound like she was caught being a total jerk, and like she responded by playing the race card. That gets so tiresome sometimes...

I don't know much about Katie Couric, but I would guess she is at least a better choice than Connie Chung. About the only thing we ever watch on CBS is the evening news, and that is usually the local newscast from Portland, OR but once in a while includes the network news. I'll have to wait to judge Couric.

As for Bile O'Reilly, he has yet to prove to me that he is intelligent. If he is, I think he would not interrupt people as much as he does. If he indeed has scintillating, ascerbic wit then maybe he ought to wait until others have finished speaking, and THEN demolish them. He takes the easy way out by acting belligerent or shouting down his opponents, which to me suggests lots of laziness on his part. The sex scene from his book is also suggestive of laziness more than of intelligence. Have you read it? I tried reading the book, thinking "Gee, maybe he is capable of writing an intelligent thriller and leaving his politics out of it." I got about 60 pages into it and when one of his characters named Hillary died by falling from a high window, I was done.

I guess lots of people are entertained by O'Reilly and his style, but I suggest THOSE people are as lazy as Bill himself, and that is why he appeals to them. Reducing issues to the point where people don't think about them but simply react to them without thinking... isn't good for discourse, in my opinion.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I think by virtue of his education and the university from which he got his degree, there's little room for doubt about the fact that he's intelligent. Dumb people don't graduate from that sort of school. However, I think his intelligence is very much overridden by the fact that he's an asshole. I think you're mistaking his deep, vast unpleasantness for a lack of intelligence. Unfortunately, he has both qualities.

Sheryl said...

Only just now heard of McKinney? Where do you get your news, Mandelbrot? That's incredible.

Sheryl said...

One reason why you should know Cynthia McKinney (read the whole story--maybe it will remind you who she is):

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I may have heard her name before, but I have a tendency to discard information I deem irrelevant, and a relatively-junior and low-ranking Congressperson will usually fall into that category, with the rare exception of cases where such people go far out of their way to make an ass out of themselves. I could be wrong, but I think pulling a ZsaZsa Gabor and then trying to make it an issue of race more than qualifies. I visited her website, and she would be better served to quote the Constitution's provisions for impeachment. Technically, she wasn't attending a session of the House; she was attempting to gain entry into an office building without showing the appropriate identification, in this case, a pin. Furthermore, she was not being questioned as a result of a speech; she has been questioned as a result of her striking a police officer with a foreign object. At any rate, most disinterested parties would agree that assaulting a police officer would qualify as a "breach of the peace", and, depending on what the DoJ decides to do, ultimately qualify as a felony, and as her website states, this is one of the instances in which a member of Congress may lose their exemption from arrest.

Believe it or not, your link did not jog any memories, if for no other reason than she's not in my district, nor is she even in my state, and Alabama has far too many problems for me to care much about a Georgia politician who all-but inherited her seat from her father; that is, until such a person genuinely makes a name for him- or herself, whether by gaining power or by making an ass of herself. She chose the latter, and time will only tell what the consequences of her actions will be.