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Sunday, February 12, 2006

New banner ad: Support Denmark

Yesterday, when I was doing my update of the template on this site, I added a new banner ad expressing my support of Denmark and encouraging others to do so. However, it just occurred to me that adding that banner without backing it up with at least a post would not be unlike Christians who wear crosses and other Christian paraphernalia and only actually behave like Christians should behave when they're at church on Sunday. Even when I was a Christian, such people pissed me off to no end. I know I'm a bit late getting involved in this, but then again, I usually am. My tendency is to bitch about and agree or disagree with various positions on other sites before finally getting around to posting my opinions on my own. In this case in particular, I offer my deepest apologies to the people of Denmark, and will strive to correct that personality flaw.

All that said, of course, I fully encourage people to buy products from Denmark and from companies headquartered there. I can't personally recommend any of the shoes manufactured in Denmark, but that's only because my feet are too damned fat to fit into shoes made by most manufacturers, and besides, I haven't ever tried to wear any of them. However, I will say that at least Ecco shoes look very nice and are probably very comfortable for those of you blessed with normal feet. For a more complete list of Danish companies, I very much recommend visiting the following websites:

End the Boycott, the most complete list I've found thusfar of companies from Denmark

And finally, just as a way to yell "FUCK YOU!" at those in favor of the boycott, here's a link to an easy way to figure out which products are made in Denmark.


Snave said...

Nice job, MC. Right on! I'll visit the links, and see what I can do to support Denmark. In this case, I have little sympathy for the angry rioting folks who are burning buildings in response to some other country's depiction of their prophet.

Sheryl said...

You know what I just discovered that the Danes seem to be on the forefront of?!!! Wind power. :-)

It seems like they are on the cutting edge of this really cool technology.

I was just telling my dad he should load up on Vestas stock:

Dad says it is a hassle to buy foreign stock, but considering what we are doing with our own economy, I would think it would be a wise investment in case the US economy craters. But then maybe I just like the idea of owning stock in a wind company. :-)

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I can definitely see some potential for wind, solar, and geothermal energy. I know this borrows heavily from the song "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You" by Sting, but my concern is that this miracle of science is more a blessing than a curse. One of my beliefs is that any bit of wisdom is good, as long as the source itself is either good or neutral. All that said, it sounds very interesting, though its implementation would be limited to areas with consistent enough wind production. Also, bird guards would not hurt.

Snave said...

The valley in which I live has plenty of wind. It's constantly blowing at 10-15 mph out in mid-valley. There are some farmers and ranchers who are getting interested in windfarms.

Those who object tend to complain about how the windmills are a blight on the landscape, but I disagree and say "bull!". I find the wind-powered generators to be works of art in large scale! There is a windfarm near Condon, OR which I love to drive through. A state highway, I think it's 206, goes right across the ridgetop on which the windmills sit west of town. The road winds through them, and I love taking that route sometimes when I drive from La Grande to Portland. Against a bright blue sky, I think the things look fantastic in a beautiful futuristic sci-fi kind of way! There are about 80 to 100 of the windmills, and I understand they provide the town of about 700 people with most of its electrical needs.

Go, wind power!