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Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogwar against PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

This has been inspired by Snave's great misfortune to get one of their members to spread misinformation on his website. The problems with that organization are too numerous to name here, but can be easily found. On Snave's site, I outlined in small part PETA's lies and hypocrisy. His is a truly good site, and I respect him immensely. However, if you don't feel like following this link and scrolling down, I will copy my comments about PETA, but will redact any comments directed towards a specific individual.

"How many people arrested for ecoterrorist arson are hailed as honored guest speakers by PETA?? What was the mortality rate at the PETA animal shelter, and how did it differ from that of standard animal shelters? Why does PETA insist on the absurdist comparison of the deaths of the chickens that end up on many of our plates to the Holocaust?

"I have no problem at all with legitimate groups whose purposes are, as they state, to reduce unnecessary cruelty to animals. However, PETA more than crosses that line on a regular basis. Why did Dan Mathews of PETA express admiration for Andrew Cunanan for getting Gianni Versace to give up fur, and why has PETA neither disavowed nor apologized for his comments? And don't even get me started on the Silver Springs Monkey case. The only lasting precedent that set was PETA's eminence in the ecoradical movement, and the obviation of their willingness to go to any depths of depravity to achieve their goals.

"A good generic link to the problems with the radical "animal rights" movement is here. For information specific to PETA, this is better. I found the section on "Killing Animals to Save Them" to be particularly riveting.

"At the end of the day, if it comes down to a researcher performing research on an animal and finding a cure for, as an example, Alzheimer's or improved treatments for heart disease, I will choose people over animals any time, without hesitation or moral qualms whatsoever."

As a bonus, here's a link to an article about various lawsuits against PETA for their decidedly unethical behavior. This last link is hosted on the website of the National Animal Interest Alliance, a group that actually cares about animals and advocates sensible laws, policies, and regulations, as opposed to the radicalism that has so infested the "animal rights" movement. The more people know about PETA and likeminded groups, the better everyone will be.


Snave said...

Hi MC!

While I sometimes don't fully agree with your opinions, I also respect YOU and YOUR WEBLOG because you are intelligent and you are often able to back up your assertions with information that sometimes really does support your opinions. That is to be admired! Of course you can be "snippy" at times, as I call it, but that's just the way we all are at times, and that's o.k.

By the way, good win for your Steelers! We in the NW didn't like the result or how it went down, but the fact of the matter is, Seattle gave up two big plays that won the game for Pittsburgh. The Steelers are an excellent, exciting ballclub, Bill Cowher's ugly face notwithstanding! 8-)>

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

I think the problem with Coach Holmgren was far deeper than that. I think he completely lost the plot after the possibly blown call that awarded a touchdown to Big Ben, though I believe he would've converted on fourth with that short a distance to go. I believe the tournament poker term for how Holmgren behaved was "on tilt". He wasn't making sound decisions, and was reacting instead of thinking through his actions. That's bad poker and bad coaching.

Sheryl said...

Hi Mandelbrot,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I enjoyed your comments.

You will have to wait till the following term if you want to run against me as precinct chair, but if I don't think our debate on animal rights will probably be very interesting because I am basically a carnivore.

Still, it will be fun to have a challenger for some other issues. :-) Debates are great fun and running unopposed is a bore. I don't even get the vanity aspect of having my name on the ballot.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

As fun as it would be, I know that, at this point in my life, I'm still too full of piss and vinegar to make a suitable leader. Also, I'm a little too neurotic to be representative of anyone except a New Yorker and a lot too country to represent the same.