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Friday, September 30, 2005

I've finally found my ideological home.

I had explored libertarianism, and specifically, the Libertarian Party. I thought they had some good ideas, but from the outset, felt that they were engaging in seriously self-defeating behaviors. I hadn't even heard about neolibertarianism until I took a detailed quiz to focus my thoughts on my political leanings. Sometimes, one must do that or something similar to figure out where one is. Sometimes, it amounts to writing down a list, writing in a journal, or something. In my case, it involved going to one of my myriad bookmarked web sites, taking a fun quiz, and then reading for myself on the results. I vigorously eschew evangelism, but if you want to see a brief overview of neolibertarianism, this is a good link.

Don't think that I've stopped looking for superior political belief systems, or on a smaller scale, upgrades to various items in my belief system, because I believe that, when we find better ideas, that we should incorporate them into our worldview. This is simply a reflection of where I am now, and to a greater or lesser extent, where I've either been or leaning for years. I finally have the comfort of knowing that, if I'm a misfit, at least I know I'm not a misfit alone anymore.

Bah, I know I'm a misfit, and it's a source of pride. How many people can quote "Heathers" and listen to both bluegrass and electronica and occasionally get Missy Eliot songs stuck in their heads... Sometimes, I've listened to a Prodigy CD followed up with an Allison Krause CD immediately after, just for the jarring effect of it.

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