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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina and Mississippi

I in no way wish to diminish the suffering of those in New Orleans. What they are suffering is truly awful, a hell on earth that I, even as close as I am, can hardly comprehend. But where is the help for Mississippi, where 75% of the state received damage, with the damage becoming worse the farther south you go? Where is the help beyond that which Alabama, which did not get through Katrina unscathed, has sent in the form of 2,000 troops from the National Guard? Where are the cameras, the federal government, and the Congressional Black Caucus and Kanye West talking about how the response was inadequate for the people of Mississippi? Many towns of varying sizes have seen no supplies for days in south Mississippi. What has Congressman Jesse Jackson (is he a Jr. or a III?) said about Mississippi and about other towns farther east in Louisiana whose people are suffering is every bit as great as those in New Orleans? Where is their self-professed Christianity? Where is their alleged compassion? Where is their concern for their fellow human beings, regardless of race? Or are they, as I think is patently evident, more concerned with promoting their own agendas than in solving this problem?

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