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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Year four for Obama: Time for the report card.

If you're the type to wash the balls of those in power, you'll probably be offended. If you want an honest critique, you've come to the right place.

Civil Rights: A. Between his tireless efforts to work with Congress to repeal DADT and his refusal to defend DOMA, citing states rights grounds as one of his many justifications (chortle), I don't see how he can possibly get less than an A on this one. Also, we can't forget his efforts to push the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Civil Liberties: D-. I'm being generous on this one simply because he's slightly better than Dubya. His expansion of the powers of the TSA/Homeland Security in ways that run deeply afoul of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution demand nothing less than this score. Largely, he has continued our descent into a police state that began under Bush. The sole mitigating factor is that he has done so less than those on his right would have. Topper Harley, you're the best of what's left.

Immigration: D-. Again, I have to compare him to the alternative to get this score. He has proven every bit as aggressive as Dubya when dealing with immigrants, without whom our nation's population would have decreased in the last decade, a state that would have caused all sorts of problems. Still, he's far less rabid than the alternative.

Drug policy: C-. He has not been as aggressive with the medical marijuana dispensaries as he could have been. That said, he's been fairly aggressive.

Economy, including those who are the poorest: A. Given the Tea Taliban faction of the GOP blocking everything he proposes, what he has managed to accomplish is remarkable. It's not enough, but I don't think many could have done more as long as the filibuster still exists. Of particular note are his work to extend unemployment insurance for those who need it and his work to save people's mortgages.

Environment: B, and Women's Rights: B. See above.

Foreign policy: B-. He's at least started to pull us out of our unnecessary wars, which is more than any GOP candidate would have done. Also, he is willing to use diplomacy as a tool, instead of first going to the military. That said, his use of drone strikes, especially against American citizens, sets a questionable and dangerous precedent.

Health care reform: A. In light of the challenges he has faced and continues to face, the fact he was able to pass anything is remarkable. Also, I like most portions of the PPACA. That said, I still hope for single-payer one day.

Since the areas I weight highest are also his biggest weaknesses, I give him an overall score of C+. He's a former professor of constitutional law, for Christ's sake. When I voted for him, I had hopes he would respect it more than he has. That said, he's far better than Mittens.

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