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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Epic face palm: The RNC hits a new low

First, some definitions: A "face palm" is when you're slapping your face in exasperation over something being stupid. "Epic" roughly means "amazingly huge". Hence, "epic face palm" means that someone did something so amazingly stupid that it almost defies belief.

I know it's unlike me to post anything while the issue is still a hot topic, typically allowing cooler heads to prevail and the controversy to die down, but on occasion, there is something that screams for a response. I never thought I'd see top members of the RNC manage to surpass Palin's ineptitude and McCain's insensitivity to the plight of working Americans, or once again reach the low hit by the people crying "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" at a McCain/Palin rally, but they did. Whether or not you like President-elect Obama, whether or not you voted for him, you have to be appalled at the former chairman of Mike Huckabee's campaign releasing a CD with the song "Obama the Magic Negro" on it. Just when I thought the GOP's implosion could go no further, just when I thought they could not possibly damage themselves any more than they have, this happens. And what's worse is the guy, Chip Saltsman, not only did not apologize, he actually DEFENDED it by saying it was one of several "lighthearted political parodies that had aired on the Rush Limbaugh show". Holy fucking SHIT! I'm torn between shock and disgust, shock that, after their stunning defeats across the board in November, the RNC could have learned nothing, and disgust with the content and the man's defense of his, to be generous, bafflingly stupid choice. From my perspective, since this story broke this weekend, the RNC has roughly 48 hours to take drastic action or endanger its future even more than the last eight years have done. I just don't understand how someone could be that incredibly dumb. What was he possibly thinking?!

I have nothing else to add, so on that note, enjoy the song.


Frogette said...

Okay seriously, who uses the word negro in this day and age? Dinosaurs, that's who.

Snave said...

This truly is just about the lowest of the low.

The RNC obviously hasn't learned much, let alone how to be humble.

Sheryl said...

That was creepy, eh? Maybe the libertarians can replace them as one of the two major parties.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Maybe, but there's too much of an anarchist thread in the libertarians to be viable in the long term, and we already have one major party that's on a rocket sled to oblivion without replacing it with another. If the Libertarian Party took the GOP's place, it wouldn't take it long to shred itself to pieces because of its infighting. I say that with full confidence because they've pretty well been doing that from their inception.