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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Mel Gibson Braveheart

The above image is for use as a parody, knowing Mel Gibson's rabid anti-Semitism and other less than pleasant personality traits. Still, the image of William Wallace refusing to bow to the English crown is indelible.

Intellectually, I knew yesterday would turn out roughly the way it actually turned out. However, try telling my heart that. I was on pins and needles, and though I succumbed to the need for sleep for a while, I was awake when NBC called the election for President-elect Obama. I will forever be grateful that I was awake to see that.

As I watched McCain's concession speech, I must admit that the petty part of me enjoyed watching him accept his defeat far more than was healthy or mature. Still, he did so with something he showed precious little of during his campaign, especially during the last several months: Dignity, graciousness, and honor. I congratulate McCain on showing us the person he has proven capable of pretending to be.

For President-elect Obama, watching his victory speech, my eyes watered up, and once again, I saw the man whose ideas and ability I quickly learned to love almost a year ago. I saw the graciousness in his victory and the vision he set out for our future. I saw and heard the determination he had to set things right in this nation, and his honesty about its difficulty and what would be necessary to bring it about. As I reviewed his record in the Senate, I also saw his dedication to the highest principles upon which our nation was founded and to the right of due process, regardless of the race of the accused. Last night, I saw a great man giving a great speech and being very frank about the great challenges that lie ahead. I can say with the fullness of my heart that I have never been prouder of our great nation than I was last night and will be in the days and months to come. Congratulations, Mr. President-elect. May your days be blessed, your troubles few, your health as strong as your character, and your wisdom and courage indomitable. As a child, I pledged allegiance to America, and I'm glad to see her heart was not dead. It was merely sleeping, and now that America is awake, I cannot help feeling that great things are coming.

In closing, I'm including a music video that pretty well expresses my joy at the outcome of yesterday's presidential election. Just try to listen to this and not dance a little bit in your chair. I dare ya. :)


Sheryl said...

Beautiful post, Mandelbrot. I was also greatly moved, and I agree that McCaine's speech was much better than anything we heard during his campaign. He should not trusted people like Bill Kristol, etc. I almost felt bad for him last night, but I couldn't help feel that he did most of it to himself by chasing the wrong constituencies and trying to play on the wrong emotions.

1138 said...

I too enjoyed it, Fred and I take no shame in that joy. Mr. McCain should take great shame in the evil ways he created further divisions in this great nation in his selfish drive to become President while a great man of modest origin ran a great campaign and was elected on the merit of his character, not the color of his skin.
Something I don't believe McCain yet understands from the content of his concession speech.
The Republican party is now confused and without direction, unfortunately for another 2 months, it's Vice President still runs our country.

God bless President Elect Obama.
(and I say that as a wish as an individual, not as a religious zelot)
The hopes of a nation rest on a single, human, humble, man. That weight must be heavy and hard to carry with humor and compassion.

Snave said...

Some of the feelings I had while watching the election returns were very similar to yours, Fred. Great post! We need to gloat a little, enjoy this a lot, but always keep in mind that if we want to help Obama achieve his goals, we will have to work with the right-wingers in a spirit of, well... I'm not sure what to call it. EmpathIty? Compassion?

I encountered some raw fear this evening and I blogged about it. It told me that we have a long ways to go... but what we have seen in the election of Obama is an opportunity for our country to begin healing. My experience showed me that we can think globally, but maybe acting locally is indeed the best way to start. What can I do to talk to people and convince them that Obama is not going to end the world?

I have no sympathy for McCain, but I think his concession speech was done in the right way. As for the scene in Chicago, what can one say? Sheer beauty!