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Monday, June 09, 2008


I saw on Media Matters that E.D. Hill of Faux News referred to the knuckle tap between Senator and Mrs. Obama as a "terrorist fist jab". Granted, she said that as a question, but what the everlasting FUCK was that crazy, self-righteous cunt trying to get at? Fuck me! Has that stupid bitch never seen a Spike Lee movie or watched a single sporting event in the last several years? Jesus FUCKING Christ! What's that dipshit's brain damage? I can just imagine her next commentary: "What does Obama REALLY mean when he gives a speech? We consulted a linguistics "expert", and he discovered that, if you listen to his speeches backwards at half speed, it sounds like he's exhorting people to worship Satan and engage in child sacrifice. But he might've just meant that he supported our farmers, and I'm sure that they were happy that he "represented" them." On second thought, perhaps I shouldn't've said that. After all, she might miss the blistering sarcasm of that comment.

If Fox News is to regain what little credibility they have as a news agency, they must terminate her employment. I don't say this lightly. Especially with the economy being the way it is, I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs unnecessarily. However, some statements are so heinous that they deserve nothing less than the individual responsible joining the 5.5% of the American workforce in the unemployment lines. Goddamn it! I actually feel sorry for Brian Kilmeade. Granted, he's a partisan hack, but he's nowhere near as bad as E.D. Hill and Steve Doocy. Whenever he's on, you can almost hear him thinking, "I have to work with THESE assholes?" Fuck me hard!

I know this video is a rerun, and it definitely has offensive elements, but I think it bears reposting. Enjoy.


used to be a liberal said...

All Hail The Obama,The Spawn of Satan Prince of Darkness Great Deceiver Anti Christ,He shall lead you into a world of darkness,and spread his evil Marxist socialism all over thee,and thou willst lap it up,for ye believeth that thou willst have more then 15 minutes of feel good stuff.The Obama shall ravish the land,then give it unto those who deserve it not.He will protect a false relegion,and by his sly means inflict it on all. ALL HAIL THE OBAMA, the new messiah, the great saviour. All HAIL THE OBAMA,his voice shalt be heard through every boombox throughout the land.He shall let the white powder flow,for he has tasted,and said,"Wow this is good",and ye, his followers shall cheer,bow and pay homage to the spawn of the devil,as he devours the very soul of a nation.The Messiah Obama shall cumith and spread his seed all over the land,but the land will surely die,as this Obomination spreads his deceit.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

You used to be a liberal? What an odd coincidence. I used to be a conservative; then I started thinking for myself, and I grew up. As of now, I'm a libertarian who is tacking more to the left every year. I think abortion should be, as the hated Bill Clinton put it so memorably, "Safe, legal, and rare." I think gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals should have the same rights and privileges the rest of us have. I also think that the government needs to shrink a hell of a lot so that we'll still have a country in a generation or two. I think the rights of the accused to a fair trial and the rights of individuals to not face unreasonable search and seizure of their property or persons is sacrosanct, and if there's one document I revere above all others, aside from any religious texts, it is the Constitution of the United States of America and its 27 Amendments. I disagree with Obama on a few economic points, but on civil liberties and civil rights, I doubt I could agree with him more.

used to be a liberal said...

Well Mandelbrot's Chaos, guess what, if your a libertarian as you say you are, then you can't go left. A libertarian by definition is not a "liberal" Today's "liberalism" of what there is really nothing liberal in the true sense of the word liberal. You can find the roots of today's "liberalism" in 1929 to 1933 Nazi Germany under Hitler's Socialist Germany. The National Democratic Party of Germany look it up for yourself, do your own research. I could give you links, but then you might accuse me of giving you biased links.
A libertarian is not for big govt. Is not for having govt. in your face ruling you, nor making life style and personal decisions for you. Controlling your movements,and limiting the rights of it's CITIZENS.
Ok, let's look at abortion is entrenched in American society, it is a women's choice, and as far as I am concerned no one Else's not even the husband's if she is married, and definitely not a boyfriends, or a live in guy's.Or for that matter anyone else's choice except her's. I also feel that abortion on demand at anytime in the 1st 12 weeks is perfectly ok. I do have a problem with an 8th and 9th month abortion that the law depending what state your in would consider that if a pregnant woman were shot and killed,and her fetus died as well, then it is a double murder. So that area needs to be cleared up. The law can not stand as it is.However on the woman's right to abort on demand within the 1st 12 weeks should be absolute. McCaine can't by himself change a thing,and either could Clinton or Obama.
Now to your gay thing,you say that they should have the same rights and privileges as everyone else. Well guess what? I do not disagree with you, and you may even be surprised to know that the vast majority of conservatives both democrat and republican conservatives do not disagree with that. What they/ I do disagree with is that due to political correctness or rather political cowardice, these people- gays- are perceived to have more rights then the rest of us, then "in your face" parades do not help their cause. I would like to see heterosexuals have a parade anywhere,and get away with what the gays do on their floats. Then there is the issue of the word marriage.That is between a male and a female, not a male and a male or a female and a female,or trans genders or shemales, granted they are human beings,and their rights are to be respected, and up held. The best thing that these people could do for themselves would be to accept the civil union compromise that society is willing to give them. Instead they push the envelope. I wonder how long they would last in country like Iran. But besides that, they are creating their own backlash against themselves both democrat and republican conservatives yes almost forgot their claim that they are normal. Well guess what? They are not normale.Normale happens to be hetrosexual, or 1 head 2 eyes,a nose, a mouth, 2 ears, 2 arms,2 hands, four fingers and a thumb on each hand, 2 legs 2 feet 5 toes on each foot. Ab normale is just that abnormal other words a genetic/dna defect, nothing more nothing less, this defect also carries with it emotional, and mental confusion and instability,and that is not politically correct to say.So the political cowards won't talk about it.
Then you say this," also think that the government needs to shrink a hell of a lot so that we'll still have a country in a generation or two. I think the rights of the accused to a fair trial and the rights of individuals to not face unreasonable search and seizure of their property or persons is sacrosanct, and if there's one document I revere above all others, aside from any religious texts, it is the Constitution of the United States of America and its 27 Amendments disagree with Obama on a few economic points, but on civil liberties and civil rights, I doubt I could agree with him more"
Ok the downsizing of govt. absolutely agree, however you won't get that with this new "LIBERALISM" by the democrats, they need to have big govt taxes in order to implement their plans of socialism, by making people dependent on govt. "got a problem, who's going to solve it? big brother govt." don't worry you won't have to think for yourself, we'll do it for you, hell we'll even bring in more big brother laws just to take care of you."
Rights of the accused, of course.But for American citizens, not for enemy combatants for those non citizens who live here and plan to kill us.Tolorance is one thing Over Tolerance is something else again. The Constitution of the United States of America and its 27 Amendments, were meant for American citizens, and no one else.Visitors to this country are covered by the constitution. This country is at war right now. If we did not have and use the technology that we have today to protect this country, then the alternative measures that would be taken would be reminiscent of the internment of the Japanese during world war 2. We can't have everything. The Constitution that you say you revere so much is under attack more so by "liberals" then by anyone else. If your a true libertarian then you can not support the likes of Obama.
Obama is a Marxist Socialist, Hillary is just a socialist, and McCain well who knows what the hell he is yet. McCain hasn't figured out what he is yet.
Read and or listen to Obama's book, then if you can't see a Marxist Socialist in that, then you won't see it in Carl Marx's book or in Hiler's Mien Kampf.
The Bush "hating" is one thing, but to give this country to a Marxist socialist like Obama due to emotional thinking is not right either, no pun intended.
By the way, and for your information I am not a bible thump-er. I am an agnostic, and closer to being a libertarian myself. I want my freedoms, I want the right to be successful with out being penalized. I also want this country to be the most powerful, to be the best, and to be better then any other country on this planet. I don't have any need to feel guilty about our success or the fact that other countries are not equal to us,that's their problem. I also don't want to be ruled and told what to do by the UN,they can go to hell, and take their Al the jolly green giant Gore global warming scam with them, along with Kyoto.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

On social freedoms, such as abortion, drug use, and other personal choices, I can go as hard left as I feel is ethical, and in that sense, I have become significantly more liberal over the years. Economic issues, well, my opinions have liberalized slightly in the classical sense of the term.

Normal is relative. As for the rest, I'm far more concerned by jackbooted thugs arresting me without cause and with my rights being ignored. The small reality YOU ignore is that the "conservatives" of today are every bit as guilty of loving "Big Government" and entitlement programs as the modern "left". They just have a different constituency to whom they pander. Of this I am sure: Barry Goldwater probably spins in his grave every time he hears the word he used to describe his ideals so horribly perverted into the opposite of what he intended, and likewise, I am DEEPLY revolted by the modern Republican Party.

The jurisdiction of our Constitution ends outside of our lands and waters, but once we assume custody of individuals, we have a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to afford them the same rights as the accused. If you want to try them as enemy combatants, try them using the REGULAR military court system. If you want to try them in civilian courts, try them in the REGULAR civilian courts. In each case, if there are matters of national security involved, there are laws to accommodate that while staying in line with our Constitution. You mistakenly refer to treating alleged enemy combatants in accordance with the rights and privileges our accused enjoy as "tolerance." My guess is that our court system would treat them with the same "tolerance" as the worst abusers of children. For the guilty, may their suffering be great and everlasting. For those who are INNOCENT, however, we owe it to them and to ourselves to set them free; else, we become them and worse.

One small fact check: Obama is a Marxist Socialist in the same way that Rush Limbaugh is a soft-spoken man of integrity: not at all.

Your inane prattle and factual errors notwithstanding, you also ignore one small, insignificant fact. The very military tribunals that you seem to love so much were used in WWII by your friend and savior, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and is still highly controversial 60+ years later. That relationship is FAR closer than the specious arguments of fascism and Nazism against the modern Democratic Party. If I were to levy a criticism against the Democratic Party and all further to the left, it is that they are more paternalist than overtly fascist in nature. Taken to extremes, that leads to the horrors that are and were the various communist and fascist regimes. By that same token, however, libertarianism, taken to its logical extreme, is anarchism, and those who would welcome true anarchy are mindless troglodytes who are in sore need of a reality check, because theirs bounced.

As far as libertarians go, you sound like a paleolibertarian to me. I'm sorry, but I'm not nearly as far to the right as you are.

Snave said...

Oh... my... gawd.... Nice comments, MC.

Back to the E.D. Hill thing. I find it odd that those who in their programming criticize Obama for being an "elitist" should make such ignorant comments as hers. Her remark puts her well within the grouping of the "elite". In the first paragraph of your post, you stated it very well. If she hasn't ever seen people making such gestures, she must not get out among average people very much. What an "elitist", and what an "elite" news network for which she works.

I find her statement not quite as irresponsible as McCain adviser Charlie Black's recent remark about how another terrorist attack would benefit the Republican party this fall, but it ranks right up there. Insinuating that Obama is a terrorist? Maybe she originated or helped spread all those stupid smear e-mails going around about Obama...

I am SO tired of all this neoconservative bullshit. Of course people such as Black and Hill have their right to say what they want to say, this is the U.S.A. I just hope their employers have the common sense to relieve them of their duties. When people in positions of influence spout out such irresponsible comments, I think that more often than not they know exactly what they are saying and they are aware of the ramifications of their statements. It's like they don't care about common decency anymore. It's no wonder our national level of political discourse has sunk as low as it has. People such as Hill lead the way...

In Hill's case, I find the remarks a bit horrifying. For all the supposed left-wing bias of the other major news networks, I haven't heard any of their CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/MSNBC talkers referring outright to John McCain as a "warmonger" or a "fascist" or anything like that. In FOX's attempt to live up to its "fair and balanced" schtick, they tend to go overboard. FOX is often so exaggeratedly and unabashedly conservative that the network becomes a caricature of itself.

I have never found much credibility in FOX News, but Hill's remark indeed makes FOX even less credible in my mind. At this point, I have just about written them off completely as a source of useful news information.

1138 said...

"just about"?

snave you jest