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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stan Lee: Brilliant artist, useless as a television personality.

I could have put "I am dead, and this is hell," but I have a good bit of life left in me, and I've already said that this is hell before, I think. I can't quite be bothered to check the 169 prior rants I've done on this blog. To those of you who may be unaware, Stan Lee, the brilliant artist who introduced the world to Spiderman and other very popular comic book superheroes, now has his own reality show. I've caught The Real World, Road Rules, Survivor, Big Brother, The Surreal Life, and even a few seconds of that crappy show with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. However, I have truly seen what is digesting in the bowels of Satan himself, and it is Stan Lee's reality show, "Who Wants To Be a Superhero?" I really see no need to elaborate on the show, since even the title reeks of the type of dreck this show vomits from the television screen in every episode. If I weren't a bit odd already, this might've warped mah fragile little mahnd. As it is, it has obviously brought about an Eric Cartman moment, and, while that's... interesting, it is not all that scary.

On a different note, my deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. His work educated and entertained hundreds of millions of children and adults alike and helped make others more aware of the beauty and wonder in nature, and he will be sorely missed.

Finally, I took an ethical philosophy selector test, and, according to the test, my personal philosophy was most similar to Baruch Spinoza (top rank) and the Stoics (second). There's no particular point in this statement. I just think it's interesting.


1138 said...

Spinoza Top
Stoics second for me as well.
I suspect the test is broken.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

When I retook the test, Immanuel Kant came out on top. I suspect I'm somewhere in the midst of the three choices, and one could do worse than that. :)

Snave said...

I agree with you about Irwin... I watched countless episodes of his program with my daughters when they were younger. Crikey, indeed. As for Cartman moments, I have a few of those from time to time, like when I ask one of my daughters (in my Cartman voice) to bring me something to eat, like a bag of Cheesy Poofs, or when I say "Cool!" Heh...

After taking the test, philosophers I may wish to study further include Aquinas (100), John Stuart Mill (100), Spinoza (85), Kant (81), and Rand (76). I think it's odd I got a 100 on Aquinas, because much of what he spoke of seemed to be dependent upon a belief in God. I can see how Mill, a utilitarianist, might be one I could enjoy. According to what the "more info" link says about Spinoza, he was a determinist. From what I know about Kant, he seems like the one I might jive with most. And as much as people may criticize Rand, I will admit I loved reading "The Fountainhead".

Thanks for putting enlightening things on your website!