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Thursday, November 24, 2005

T.O. can now consider himself TKO'd.

After reviewing the merits of the case, Terrell Owen's time in Philadelphia is officially over. I can find no fault in Philadelphia's stance and actions. Once a player becomes that much of a distraction and embarassment, the larger question becomes one of whether your team can afford to have him continue to be a problem, not one of whether or not you can do without him. The Eagles organization has decided that it's better to lose without him than win with him, and if I were in their place, the only thing I would've changed is that I would've gotten rid of the bastard earlier. The players' association was so incensed about the situation that they have threatened to remove the arbitrator from the list of approved arbitrators, but I can't see where any other impartial arbitrator could have come to a different conclusion. This ruling could not have been a shock to T.O. Football analysts, insiders, informed outsiders, and those who care about the game were all saying as much. With his talent, I can see where any team would want him. A player of his caliber would be an asset to any team, barring extreme circumstances. However, T.O.'s tenure has been nothing more than a string of extreme behavior, and with years of him displaying an attitude as nasty as any pro athlete since Ty Cobb, I can't see why any team would want him.

It is my sincerest hope that Mr. Owens steps back, looks at what he has caused, look at what he has done to his career, and finally, for once in his pathetic life, grow up. That being said, I have very little doubt that my hope is in vain, and more's the pity. With his stats, he could easily be on the way to the Hall of Fame, but with hit attitude, he'll relegate himself to the status of a difficult Jeopardy question.

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